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how to know about love marriage from kundli (Horoscope)

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Love marriage are quite common now. However still sometimes problems occurs in love marriages due to parents disapproval, societal norms etc. Below is the answer for the combination for love marriage in astrology.

Open your horoscope (Kundli) and check whether the below combination are there in your horoscope (janamPatri).

For love marriage in astrology, the most important house is 7th house which tells everything about marriage ,how will be your spouse can be known from 7th house. Follow To know more.

5th house is the other house, which is important for love marriage. It represents love relationship; know more about your love relationship 

8th house is house of secret relationship. It represents love relationship, which are kept under wrap. Extramarital affairs are indicated by this house.

Additionally,9th house, which is house of lineage, and third house, which is house of courage, is also important.

Combinations for love marriage in astrology

The most important planets for love relationship are Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Moon.

1. 7th house in astrology represent marriage and 5th house represents love relationship. When 7th house lord is placed in 5th house and 5th house lord is placed in 7th house. Then there is a high possibility of love marriage.

2. Conjunction, mutual exchange and nakshatra exchange between 5th house and 7th house lord also indicates love marriage.

3. Conjunct of 5th house and 7th house lord in 11th house or involvement of 11th house lord in this conjunction represents love marriage.

4. Conjunction of 5th house and 7th house lord with lagna lord.

5. Conjunct, mutual exchange between 7th house lord and 9th house lord makes prominent combination for love marriage

6. Conjunction of Venus and Mars indicates passion in love relationship as Mars, which gives passion in whatever activity one conducts, is in conjunction with lord of love. If this conjunction is related to 5th house; it indicates a high possibility of love marriage especially in Gemini or Pisces.

7. If this also have aspect of 5th house lord or moon then it make a strong possibility of love marriage.

8. If there are placement of Venus, Mars and Moon in 7th house or 7th house lord is making relation with these planets, there is high possibility of love marriage.

9. Conjunction of 5th house lord, 7th house lord and 9th house lord in 1st house.

11. When Venus is related with 5th house or 7th house, in that case also love marriages are seen.

12. If Venus and Moon conjunction happens in 1st house and it has aspect of Rahu or Ketu, then it indicates love marriage.


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