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MON-SUN07:30AM - 11:55PM

Priyanka Mathur


Language: English, Hindi

Experience: 10 years

Expertise: Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, Vedic Astrology

I am Priyanka, I have done Masters in Technology and have worked in various MNCs. Astrology came naturally to me, as my grandfather was a renowned astrologer and I started learning Vedic astrology and logical analysis of horoscope from very young age. I have given predictions to the people from all walk of the life. My clients have immensely benefited from my accurate predictions and simple remedies. My expertise lies in Marriage, Childbirth, Education, Carrier and Health etc.

Call charges: 15 Per Min

Ma'am when am I going to get my predictions

Manjushree Venkatesh

Ma'am when am I going to get my predictions for the question

Manjushree Venkatesh

Very good astrologer having vast knowledge

Aryan Pillai Pillai

This review from my friend,who talked to you from my account. Each and every prediction about past and present life was accurat .Very knowledgeble, astrologer and suggests very simple remedies. Waiting for the future events.Thank you... Neha..

Ritu Singh

It was a pleasure talking to you. You gave me hope.

Priyadarshini Jha

You are the amazing Ma'am...Again From Today whatever you have predicted for the month is true, things are changed in an unexpected way and now the situation is the same as you have predicted. I am astonished to see such a change. It implies you are the best Ma'am and your predictions are accurate. You are a divine soul, it really feels happy to talk to you. May GOD give you all the happiness you wish.

Ritu Singh

She is the best astrologer in the panel, has the depth of knowledge in this field. Thank You, Ma'am, for your suggestions and support.

Ritu Singh

Very good astrologer with depth knowledge and experience. Give practical solution according to modern live. I am very thankful to her.

sanjay Misra

Great !! Thank you so much :-) One of the best astrologers I have came across and very accurate prediction !!

Megha Chatterjee

You are the best Astrologer.

Rani Jain

Accurate prediction

Rajan Garg

Maam you are always the best Astrologer. The way you explains things are really practical and more meaningful, and her voice is refreshing and divinful. One good thing I always found in you, giving 100 % of all your energy in analyzing and explaining a horoscope. GOD Bless you Ma'am.

Ritu Singh

Great astrologer , quick analysis of horoscope with full accuracy.I have talked to many astrologers but she is the best amongst all. I have found her prediction is accurate, whatever she has predicted about me in may 2018, it was absolutely true. she always gives true hope for future, she explains future positive events of life and gives suggestion and simple remidies if required. One good thing she never wastes a single moment. She is like an angle. May GOD Blessed her with all happiness she desires..

Ritu Singh

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