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Why this has to happen to me !!!

The memories of the day when I got married to Rajeev is still vivid in minute details. How his dimpled smile and naughty eyes bring Goosebumps to me. Rajeev and I were married 7 years back. Our was an arranged marriage but we never felt that we were strangers, there was an instant connecti... Read More

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Why I always had problems at my workplace ?

Life was good. I joined an MNC as Project Leader at a very good package. I was very enthusiastic and was willing to give my best in this organization. I left my last organization due to the difference with my boss. I felt that he was not able to handle me as I was good at my work and was p... Read More

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Is the soul connection or soulmate real ?

I met Anurag 3 year back. I joined a new company and he was my mentor over there. I was a girl who is known to be practical and analytical. Anurag had a good personality . I don’t know why I was feeling a magnetic pull towards him. I questioned my feeling towards him that it mig... Read More

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Is that was true love ?

Sometimes in our life, we come at such a crossroad that we cannot decide which road to choose. I got married five years ago. I was jolly and happy go lucky type of girl. Like any other girl, I have also dreamt about my prince charming but Rajesh was entirely different from what I have imag... Read More

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