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Why I always had problems at my workplace ?

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Life was good. I joined an MNC as Project Leader at a very good package. I was very enthusiastic and was willing to give my best in this organization. I left my last organization due to the difference with my boss. I felt that he was not able to handle me as I was good at my work and was passed out from one of the best colleges in India. Now I was happy as I got a good position and package in this company.

However, soon my happiness was about to fad. In this organization, I again start facing the same problem. How much I try I was not appreciated for my work. Something seems wrong. Nothing was working fine. I started having issues with my new boss. Although my new boss was considered a compassionate person and was admired by all, with me his attitude was different. 

I was somewhat managing my work stress and soon I got more bad news. My company did very badly in the annual results. As my company business was based on outsourcing due to US policies it starting firing the non-performing employee. My worst fear came true. I was fired from my company.

I was shattered. I don’t know how I will manage my expenses and home loan etc. Immediately I started looking for a new job. I got all from multiple companies and I also cleared all round of interview of one company. It was a mid-cap company but have a good reputation. The only thing left was the salary negotiation. I was ready to join at whatever package I was offered. However after 2 days of negotiation with HR, suddenly she told me that the position has been filled. You won’t believe that the same thing happened with two other companies also. After clearly all rounds of interviews in three companies and still not getting an offer from a single one was very devastating. I was not able to understand what was wrong.

The mental stress was increasing day by day. One day I saw a Facebook post of I thought that let me try it as there was clearly a pattern in my problems. It no harm in taking guidance and god knows what can click in this moment of desperation. I called one of the astrologers in

She told me that my relationship with my boss and my father is strenuous, which was absolutely true. She even told me the timeline of my job loss. She assured me that I will get a job by a certain date and gave me some remedies to do.

Forwarding to today, I got a job by the date told by her. Her assurance gave me confidence and hope to restart my job search. The confidence and faith were very much required at that moment of desperation and depression. Her remedies worked and the pattern of difficult relationship with my boss has halted. My new boss appreciates me and supports me in my work. I have a smooth and friendly relation with my boss. The small remedies have however changed my work environment. I feel energetic and there is an amicable environment at my workplace.

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