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Why this has to happen to me !!!

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The memories of the day when I got married to Rajeev is still vivid in minute details. How his dimpled smile and naughty eyes bring Goosebumps to me. Rajeev and I were married 7 years back. Our was an arranged marriage but we never felt that we were strangers, there was an instant connection. We meet a lot of times before marriage and talked on the phone for hours. It was like we know each other for years.

Our relationship was perfect in every aspect. However, the god has something else in his mind. One day while going to the office, Rajeev met a fatal accident and left us alone. My world was shattered. I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do and how I will live now without him. I was not able to imagine my life without Rajeev. While I was trying to cope up with my emotional vacuum, I start feeling that the attitude of my in-laws started changing towards me. Before this incident, I was their loving daughter in law, whom they praise everywhere and suddenly now I became unwanted. Thankfully I was well educated and was working in an MNC at a good package. Despite taking full responsibility for household expenses, I was daily mentally & emotionally abused. At that point, I took a decision and got a transfer to a different location.

The new city and environment were like a fresh breeze. I again felt alive after more than two years of losing Rajeev. However, the question that why this happened to me, never left me. Now my parents started insisting on remarriage. They started looking for matches but I was scared. What if the same thing happened again? I shared my fears with my friend Anjali, she told me about and asked me to try it once.

The question of why destiny choose me was still with me. I thought let me give it a try. I called one of the experts on the Talktoastro platform. As I mentioned that I want to know about my marriage, he told me everything about my past. He also assured that nothing of this sort will happen again. At that point, I was looking at those positive words. The session was like he was reading my soul. This gave me confidence and I agreed to meet some of the matches which my parents had selected for me.

The timing of marriage and the characteristic of my future husband as predicted by expert astrologer was bang on. Ashish was the same as told by Astrologer. Today, I am married for 5 years with Ashish. My life is pleasant and smooth. My son Vihaan is a new addition to my family. However, still, for all small and big issues, I share my concerns with my Talktoastro astrologer who has now become my friend and guide for life.


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