Leo Moon Sign Horoscope

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Leo Moon Sign Characteristics : The Leo natives are Hot, action-oriented and inspired to be loved and admired. They want to be in the spotlight, so many of them are in the performing arts. They forget and easily forgive. They are good at setting up and managing organisations. Leo characteristics mean that Leos are warm, willing to jump in action and driven by the desire to be loved and admired. Leos are loaded with lazy power, which occurs when the need emerges. Ambition rules Leo. They will continuously strive to reach their highest peak. The source of attraction is the devotion to Leos. Leo is very confident, but they must be managed and respected and loved by anyone. They are completely able to succeed themselves, but they are far more content if they have a community of people who don’t look up for them and support them. They rather not be isolated. They tend to protect their esteem for themselves. Leo's are not going to talk a great deal. In management, they are very effective. Leo has a good career opportunity given the ability to communicate and the passion of the emphasis, performing, leading, dancing, event planning, television, public relations, etc
19th July to 25th July

Your health will depend on you this week. Therefore to enhance your mental state, practice yoga and meditation regularly and shun stale food. This time will bring favorable outcomes for you if you take part in physical activities. This week economically, there will be many enhancements in your life. Because of which you will effortlessly repay the pending debts and bills. Nevertheless, during this time, shun giving or lending your money to anybody. Don't let your family members to entirely decide what to do. Only then you will be happy. You might acknowledge some positive changes according your desires at the place of work this week. There is probability that you might get admiration from others because of your strategies and plans. This will facilitate you to leave an exclusive impression on others and everyone will like to fetch inspiration from. This week, likelihood is, you will chuck out all kinds of problems in understanding numerous subjects. As at this time you will be victorious in getting yourself out of the troubles in your personal life that will make your mind more occupied with studies.
Remedy: Recite Gayatri Mantra hundred and eight times a day

Except your health, this month will remain pretty prosperous for you. If we talk about your professional life, then this month will give you with many profits. Avoid adhering to shortcut as they may turn out to be catastrophic for your professional life.
Your performance at the workplace will be amazing. In the meantime, business professionals will also get some good results. From an academic viewpoint, this month will turn out to be great. You will be seen concentrating on your studies and those who desire to complete their education in a Foreign based university or college may also get some good outcomes.
Victory is on the cards for those who were seeking superior results in the field of competitive examinations. Domestic life will be awesome and you will acquire the complete support of your family members. Relationship with younger siblings will stay sweet. Love relations can go through a distressing phase but there are good probability of a love marriage taking place really soon.
Married natives can also come across an extremely favorable time. If we talk about your financial prospects, then your income is estimated to remain quite stable during the July month. From the health viewpoint, July month can turn out to be somewhat tough which is why you are advised to stay extremely cautious. Do not fail to seek the supervision of a medical professional.

Yearly Horoscope - 2021 - Leo

The New Year 2021 is going to be filled with ups and downs in the various aspects of life for Leo natives. In your career, you will prosper and start moving up on the ladder of success. There are chances that you may receive promotions soon. However, in such times it is advised to you to avoid conflicts and disagreements at all costs otherwise it will harm your reputation at the workplace and your promotion will be canceled. Furthermore, as for businesspersons, it will be an inauspicious period as the chances of losses are high.


The financial situation of the Leo natives will not be very good at the starting of the year. There will be malefic planetary positions which will increase expenses. Therefore, it is advised you to make budgets to plan your expenses and stick to them. This will help you control your expenses. As the year moves forward and reaches April, your financial condition may get better due to some increase in income. Use this opportunity to make investments that will help you in the future.


The new year is going to be very positive in terms of health for the Leo natives as there will be no issues arise that may potentially harm your health. You will feel enthusiastic and energetic as time passes. To maintain and carry on such nice health, you should go to adopt a balanced diet and do some exercises. It is also advised to quit smoking or drinking, if you do any, as these things do nothing other than harming your health.


The Year 2021 will bring you fresh opportunities to explore the various dimensions of love as well as marriage. Therefore, you should go out and let yourself lose to find who is meant for you and going to hold your hand for the rest of your life. it is not that you will find your partner right away just as you keep your foot out of your door. You will have to experience different kinds of love and heartbreaks and then you will find who is truly meant for you. However, you should always have and give some space in every relationship. Otherwise, things will be spoiled.


For the Career of the Leo natives in the new year 2021, it is advised to remain careful due to negative planetary positions. The planet Rahu is going to deposit in the tenth house and the tenth house is aspected by Jupiter. This will create problems for you in your professional life. Furthermore, Venus is also deposited in the fourth house and is aspecting tenth and sixth house. All these planetary positions are going to influence your career. But there will also be favorable outcomes at your work and you will be able to grow.


  • Wear Ruby gemstone embedded in copper metal on Sunday.

  • Keep fast on Thursdays and offer water to peepal tree.

  • Offer wheat flour to Nandi on Sundays.