Taurus Moon Sign Horoscope

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Taurus Moon Sign Characteristics : Taurus natives are very high on energy and have great stamina. They are also attached to people they love they care very much about them. Their personality often does not looks like they do not possess a strong personality but around people, they have established themselves very dominantly. One of their biggest setbacks is that they are not very acceptable to the change. They often like to walk on a very set path and avoid changes as much as possible. However, their physical senses like smell or touch are very strong and thus they respond to things very fiercely. They look at their life very practically and like to take their decisions with their brains and not with their hearts. They seek stability in their lives and that is why like to take the safe way through life. Taurus natives are very cautious with their approach. Their ascendants are rather fixed. That is why they are resistant to flexibility. However, their determination level is quite high and they know how to achieve what they have set their eyes on. They are very much inclined towards feel good’ things of life. That is why they own materialistic things a lot which they think might give them a sense of accomplishment and sense of highness.
19th July to 25th July

Natives who have a bad habit of smoking and alcohol will try to dump their habits by following the guidance of some elders. So as to achieve this, bring the correct change in your company and get together with only those people who wish to help you to quit these habits. The week is not very gainful for you, be alert about your pocket and shun spending extravagantly. Or else, because of financial restrictions, you may have to feel humiliated among other family members. Therefore, this week, because of your funny nature, you will make your family and home environment happier than usual. In addition, for a get-together or wonderful evening at this time, certain relatives or friends can also arrive to your house. You will have issues with others this week at work, which may cultivate more slowly. This will diminish your position and image, which will have a straight negative impact on your profession. Many students will be seen killing most of their time on the social media. This may also assign them negative outcomes in upcoming competitive examination. In such a condition, it is better for you to concentrate on your studies and shun the misuse of your laptop or phone.
Remedy: Look after Basil tree and in front of the tree during the evening light a lamp.

During this month, the Taurus natives have to be more responsible for their household responsibilities and need to fulfil them. Natives who have been inclined towards spirituality will witness this month as something great and will get major positivity. To make your life happy, you need to fulfil your duties towards domestic life. But professional life will be favourable for you. There are chances that you will get to go on a long-distance journey this month. That is why it is suggested to you to be careful of all the situations.

As for your professional life, you will receive auspicious results. Your performance will be great, due to which you will be able to outperform everyone else. However, it is suggested to you to try to maintain a good relationship with your seniors as well as your colleagues otherwise things will turn out to be negative for you. Your competitors and enemies may try to bring you down. That is why you have to remain cautious of them during this month.

Your financial health will be a mixture of results. With the help of Jupiter, you will be able to earn great wealth during this month. Moreover, there are chances that you may receive benefits and profits from property. This is also a great period if you want to apply for a loan.

Your health will somewhat remain low during this month because of the influence of some unfavourable planetary positions. Health problems like fever, body pain, the cough may arise.

This week will be better in terms of health, according to health horoscope. However, because Sun and Rahu are conjunct in the first house at this time, you must pay extra attention to some activities, such as exercising or doing yoga in park when you have free time, and walking for 30 minutes every morning and evening. You'll have a lot of innovative ideas this week, and you'll be able to make a lot of money by putting them to good use. In the meanwhile, you should read each document well before signing it. However, drinking alcohol and returning home inebriated might cause problems for your family. So don't allow your reputation be tarnished at home by having too much fun, and stay away from anything that may shame the family. You may feel desperate as a result of the Moon's passage through the twelfth house. This week, you could be lacking in self-assurance. In such a case, you should not underestimate your own ability, but rather put your trust in your own hard work and determination. You will not be able to make the best decision for yourself if you do not do so.

Remedy: Give sugar, white sweets, or Batashe to the impoverished-on Friday. This will bring you good luck.

Yearly Horoscope - 2021 - Taurus

The year 2021 will be a year of massive changes for the Taurus natives. All the changes will be the result of some major planetary changes and the effects of Nakshatras. In this year, Saturn will deposit in the ninth house of the horoscope for the whole year. This will help you achieve great heights in your personal and professional life. If you are in the process of switching your job, then you will be successful in doing that. You will also feel stressed from this since there will be less workload and a change of environment. Moreover, if you have been trying hard to search for a job, then this will prove to be favorable for you in these terms.


The year 2021 in terms of financial status will prove to be average for Taurus natives. Money inflow will be the same as the previous years and there will be no major increase or decline in it. Your finances will move forward in a constant graph as it has always been. However, you will also not go through any financial restraints due to the influence of Jupiter and Venus who are giving you proper money inflow. Through this, you will be able to spend wisely and also save some amount. In this scenario, it is suggested to you to avoid spending your money on luxuries aimlessly.


For the New year, it is advised to Taurus natives to finally take their health seriously. You will have to make efforts for maintaining it and being free from all the potential health problems that might affect you. As for the planetary positions, Mars is positioned in the zodiac sign Libra for the first half of the year. Now, it will have a negative effect, especially on your mental health because this position will increase your workload and you will feel very stressed about it. But things will not be getting as bad as it may seem because you have higher energy levels.


The year 2021 seems to be auspicious in terms of marriage and long terms relationships for Taurus natives. If you have been in a relationship for a long, it can move forward into engagement or even marriage and live a blissful married life. You will have the blessing of the planet Venus which will give a deep emotional bond with your partner. And even if your marriage is years old, you are going to have a happy married life for a whole year. Single natives are also going to find a good and reliable partner for themselves.


Professional natives might have to go through some ups and downs this new year. But a lot of your wishes are going to come true. If you have been working for getting transferred to a preferred location, then you might soon receive your transfer letter. Your consistent efforts and hard work have earned your great reputation at the workplace and you will soon receive success in return for it, maybe in terms of promotions. The new position will work very much in your favor and you will start walking the path of prosperity.


  • Wear an Opal or diamond embedded in gold or silver metal in the middle or ring finger of the right hand.

  • Offer wheat flour to ants.

  • Offer sweet things like sugar or jaggery to the poor.