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Horoscope April 2019

For Aries Sign natives, this month will be a mixed bag. Your Rashi lord, Mars has changed its position and moved to 11th house. Therefore there will be gains but after initial struggle. This month many things will be happening on the relationship front. Family issue seeks attention. Watch out for the health of the mother. This month you might feel that luck is not supporting. Things are getting harder to be done. Although there will not be easy luck this month but ultimately hard work will pay off. People involved in share markets or speculation business should remain cautious in the 2nd half of the month.

In this month, you might feel a pull towards mystics and occult. You might also gain from hidden sources or inheritance. For Financial aspects, this month will be good. Money flow will be steady. Income can increase. You will enjoy good money this month. This month there will be lot of networking and activities on social front. You might attend a lot of gathering and expand your social circle. Your friends will be supportive in this month.

Relationship demands a lot of attention this month as 3 major planets are residing in marriage and relationship house. Those planning to get married can get good news in this period. Many of Aries natives might be engaged. Those married will feel love and romance in their married life. Although avoid ego in a relationship. There can be intense arguments with partner because of ego conflict. Overall good time for love and romance.

On the Career front, Ketu creates a detached attitude towards career. You might feel a little lethargic towards office work. Do not get into conflict with the boss in this time.

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