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Horoscope April 2019

For Cancer Natives, It will be a challenging month. This month your anxiety level will be high. Fear of unknown and mental distress is indicated. The key is to remain positive and go with the flow in a detached manner. Things will start improving in some time.

This month, your home environment seeks attention. There will be many activities involving your domestic sphere. You might make some changes. There can be some renovation and decoration of your house. You will be inclined towards more luxurious lifestyle and will do expenditure for it.

In your love life there will be lot of communication. You will feel fulfillment in your love life. You will be drawn towards intellectual activities in this month. This month will be exhausting in terms of official work. This month will be demanding and required a lot of hard work in office. There can be some health issues related to infection and allergies.

Those married might feel that their partner is indifferent towards them. There might be some disappointment from the spouse side. You might feel unloved this month but it will be temporary feeling, which will slowly wither away.
Good times for those who are sitting for some competitive exams. On career front, this month will be a little bit challenging. You might feel opposition from colleagues and bosses.

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