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Horoscope April 2019

This is the month of lot of activities. You will very creative and imaginative and will try to make full use of your talent in every sphere of your life. Rahu in your 2nd house will still create some financial troubles for you. You might feel your debts rising and your income being reduce. The good news is that this phase of financial restraints will not last long. Students will do well in this time. You will learn and explore new things. This month you will try to learn something new or develop your hobbies.

Gemini natives will feel their love blossoming in this time. There will be romance and understanding between love partners. Although married couples might feel disconnected with their partners. Some married couples might also need to remain physically separated due to demands of career and family.

Your interests in astrology and spirituality will increase in this time. You might feel that your restless soul will feel calm in meditation and spirituality. That person aspiring for higher education can get good opportunity.

On Career front, you will be focused and diligent towards your work. Your sincerity will be appreciated in workplace. You will apply your knowledge and wisdom at workplace. Foreign travels is on cards for Gemini natives.

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