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Horoscope April 2019

For Leo natives, there liveliness and happiness in the family. You will feel that despite adverse situations, you are able to feel relaxed and calm as you have more adapt yourself to the circumstances. This month Sun is situated in your 3rd house. You should watch your speech and communication.  Some people can find your communication and dominating which can adversely affect your relationship with them.

This month your bond with your siblings will grow stronger. You can have some gains from their side. Students will find that they have to work hard for gaining results. Saturn can make you lazy in studies. Those in love relationships need to be careful. Due to some issues, distances can come between  you and your partner.

From 2nd week starting Mars is moving in your marriage house. Mars in marriage house can make you impulsive and there can fights between you and your partner over small issues. Mars will also make your partner aggressive. There can be strain in marriage relationship. Chanting Hanuman chalisa will help.

On career front, you might still face some challenges in your day to day working. Some colleague of yours might try to let you down this month. You can victim of office politics this month.

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