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Horoscope April 2019

This month your lagna lord is sitting in its own house in lagna. This month God is blessing you which all the material success and luxuries. This is time to make wish, as all your wishes will be fulfilled. You will be blessed with love and happiness. Sun is your lagna can make you egoistic and over confidence. Beware of these tendencies which can take away the positives of Venus.

Money will come easily to you this month and there is increment in income. There can be some difficulty with your siblings. Avoid any short trips during this time as it can be futile.  

This month mars is moving in your love house. There can be some disputes and differences with your love partner. You can be aggressive and impulsive during this time.

The working environment can be chaotic for Libra ascendant person and you can feel frustrated with your working conditions. Although time is good in general there can some disputes and differences in love matters.

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