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Horoscope April 2019

Financially, this month is very good. You might gain money from multiple sources. Those in business have this as golden period as Venus is influencing your wealth house. There might also be possibility of small trips which you have been planning from a long time. Your communication skills will improve and you will feel that you are able to express your feeling more smoothly.

On family front you might feel a little distanced. You might think that your family members are not able to understand you. You will be feel yourself lonely and isolated.

On career front, this month is a struggling one. You will try to make your mark but till rewards are not coming. There can be feeling of frustration in the job. For changing your job the time period is good, although nothing will come easily.

Take care of your health, as you can suffer from bone and muscles pain. Mars in 6th house can also upset your health this month. Pour water to lord Sun this month for favorable results.

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