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Horoscope 2019


This year will be promising for you. From February onwards, Mars is moving into your 1st house. You will be energetic and determined to take action. Mars aspects will bring lots of positivity to you.

There are chances of starting any new venture. Try to control of your aggression. Your aggressive and dominant temperament can turn your friends into foes.

Love Horoscope:

In the starting of the year, due to Sun position in Saturn house in Capricorn and later in Aquarius sign you might feel difficulty in connecting with your partner there is also a possibility of you separating with your partner physically and mentally. Those in love relationships can face love breakups.  There is chances of delay in conversion of love relationship in marriage.

Be patient and calm in love matters .In marriage Venus transit can cause difficulty. Situation will improve from February onwards.

Career Horoscope:

For Aries Ascendant person, Saturn your career lord is positioned in the 9th house. Saturn position in 9th house will create circumstances for self-improvement. You will question your work priorities and the work you do. This year you can be averse to any sort of risk taking. Any risky venture can turn against you. Any work related travel to overseas can be delayed and might face obstacles and difficulty in that. This year do not indulge in office politics as it can turn against. Any colleague will try to damage your reputation during this time period.

Health Horoscope:

You will start the year with excellent health and fitness as Mars is moving in your ascendant. In the initial months, you will focus on maintaining healthy regime. You will try to bring exercise in your routine. However due to Jupiter position in your 8th house, you can feel digestion problem frequently. This year do not ignore any health trouble especially related to stomach and liver.

Wealth Horoscope:

This year due to the 3rd aspect of Saturn on your income house, you might face difficulty in increasing your income. A certain level of dissatisfaction or frustration can upset you this year. Although due to control on expenditure, you might be able to accumulate even with restricted income.

Things will improve from the mid of year and there can be an increase in income.

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