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Horoscope 2019

Cancer ascendant can expect a big relive from mental stress during this period. Rahu, which influenced your lagna from last year, is finally moving from your sign in March. Rahu might have created unnecessary stress for you last year. This year will be smooth and pleasant for you. Jupiter aspect on your lagna will make you hopeful and optimistic. You will pursue your hobbies and interests this year and it will happiness and joy to you.

Love Horoscope:

As Jupiter has moved in your love house, you can expect either any old lover coming back to you or new love interest taking place. This year you will feel loved and happiness will be around you. Those already in love relationship will found their love bond stronger. They can expect commitment from their partner. There are high chances of love relationship converting into marriage.

Marriage couple will found that communicate is the key to strengthen their relationship. There can be opinion difference but resolution of those disputes will bring you closer to you partner. Do not take your partner for granted in this person.

Career Horoscope:

This year, Jupiter is expecting the luck house. Time is in favor of you. Any good opportunity can come to you by luck. Persons trying for foreign opportunities can get favorable response during this person. A good period for students. Better results is expected from little efforts. Those in job can feel their work place as suffocating. Office politics can disturb your mental peace. However, your competitor or enemy cannot harm you as Saturn is safeguarding you.

Health Horoscope:

This year you will be in sound health. Your peace of mind will return. Jupiter positive aspects will give make you immune from disease. However, there are chances of weight gain during this period. Unhealthy life style and junk eating can upset your stomach. Except some minor digestion issues, you will be healthy.

Wealth Horoscope:

Due to blessing of Lord Vishnu, your income will increase gradually. You can get gains from some unexpected source. Your efforts will pay off this time. There is possibility of purchase of property or vehicle. Your expenditure will be high as Rahu is moving in the 12th house. Before investing your money do take consideration of all the factors .There are chances of loss of some money.

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