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Horoscope 2019

Your ascendant lord Saturn is currently placed in 12th house. Saturn position in this house will make you want to remain in isolation and relaxed. This is the time for introspection. Saturn is about to complete an entire cycle. You will evaluate your past mistakes and plan. A new cycle of new interests, new relation and new life is about to begin soon. You will pursue spiritual interest in this duration.

Love Horoscope:

Due to Jupiter aspects your love life will be good. Your partner will commit to you. Those who are waiting for their love interest to show their feelings; your waiting period is over now. There is a renewal in the love relationship .You will embrace your love partner with a new energy and zeal.

Those who are looking for love partner. This year you can meet your love match. For married ones, this year will make your bond stronger. You will be feel content in your marriage and your partner will understand towards you.

Career Horoscope:

Career will be on good track. You will focus on your career. Your efforts and determination will pay off. There will be sense of satisfaction with your efforts. Any new learning or joining some course to enhance your job prospects is also on cards. There will be office politics and plotting against you. However, your competitor will not be able to warm you. You will feel lethargic at your workplace.

Health Horoscope:

You lagna lord is in 12th house. You can be restless and feel uneasiness. Saturn will disturb your sleep and weird dreams can disturb you. Cold and cough related problems could also occur. During this time, avoid any kind of addict. Try to avoid smoking and alcohol as it can negatively affect your health.

Wealth Horoscope:

Due to movement of your wealth lord in expenditure house, this year you will have high expenditure. Your income will increase and new sources of generating money can come up. However, sudden expenditure can misbalance your budget .You can be stressed in money matters. Loans can also increase and give you mental tension.

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