Talk to Astro - Free Gemini Horoscope 2019

Horoscope 2019

This Year Saturn aspects your lagna. This means due to Saturn influence you might feel a little low and depressed. Negativity can affect your otherwise bright personality.  Think before you talk as misunderstanding can spoil your relation with your spouse.

The second half of the year will be much better. You will feel rejuvenate and active. There are chances of change in location or home. This will change your mood and will bring liveliness.

Love Horoscope:

Your love lord is Venus. In the starting of the year, your partner might not respond positively to your love gesture. There is also possibility of fights on small issues. You should be more compassionate and considerate for your partner during this period. Extra love and care will make your bond stronger.

In the marriage, For Gemini ascendant persons there might be circumstances because of which you both have to live apart for some time. Saturn in the marriage house can create misunderstanding between you both. Do not involve any third person to mediate in your dispute in marriage.

Career Horoscope:

Due to positive aspect of Jupiter in your career house, this year you can get growth and promotion in your career. You will be recognized for your efforts. Your seniors and colleagues will appreciate you. Those who are looking for opportunity in foreign locations can get positive news. In comparison to last year, this year there will be amicable environment in your work place. Due to friend circle, you can get some benefit.

Health Horoscope:

The year will start on positive note. You will take a resolution for maintaining healthy lifestyle and regimen. However, the Saturn aspect can disturb your health frequently. You might feel back or muscular pain. There is also possibility of problem with bones or teeth. A healthy lifestyle will pay you off. Do not try to overindulge, as there are chances stomach upset and acidity issues.

Wealth Horoscope:

Financially, this year will be good. You will be able to save and there are chances of increase in assets. During this period you long pending desire to create, additional income source can be fulfilled. Money will come easily to you. Those in business will have good gains. There are also chances of money inflows from foreign sources.

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