Talk to Astro - Free Leo Horoscope 2019

Horoscope 2019

The starting of the year will be little disappointing for you. However, from April onwards, your time will come in your favor. This is the time to maintain your high spirit. Your work will give you recognition and a sense of worth. Jupiter position in your 4th house will give you happiness. This time you will be more flexible and adaptable. An adjusting attitude will make relations with others more amicable.

Love Horoscope:

This year Saturn position in your love house is creating difficulty in love relationship. You can feel mental or physical distance with your partner. Love relationship can give you pain. From some, this period can bring breakups.

Married couple also need to be extra careful this period. Saturn 3rd aspect in your marriage house can cause disturbance in your married life. Trust is the key during this year. Do not allow strange to cause disturbance. Opinion difference over finances can create problem.

Career Horoscope:

Current year will give your new opportunities and will open new prospects in career field. There are high chances of getting promotion this year .Those in business can expect starting new ventures or expanding the existing ones. Jupiter blessings is in your career house. Recognition and rewards are on the cards. Any foreign trips are also possible.

Health Horoscope:

This year will bless you with sound health. However, beware of eating junk food, as there are possibility of stomach related issues due to Jupiter aspect. Initial months till April are more susceptible in health related aspect. Exercise and healthy life style will contribute in maintaining sound health.

Wealth Horoscope:

This year Saturn aspects your gains and wealth house. There can be restriction in the getting money. Those who have given loans can found it difficult to get it back. You might feel that you are not able to save much. Although this is the time when you will realize the real worth of money. You will also try to control your expenditures.

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