Talk to Astro - Free Libra Horoscope 2019

Horoscope 2019

This year will start on good note. This year your focus will be on your career. Long pending desires will be fulfilled. You will feel blessed and contend. Jupiter is aspects your bad houses providing you grace of god. Do good karma in this period. This year you will get good news from every sphere of life be it career, education, health or marriage.

Love Horoscope:

In the initial months, Saturn 3rd aspect on your love house can create unexpected problems over there. You might feel that your partner not responding to your love and care. You can feel unloved and neglected. Although this is the time when you when you should introspect and rather than expecting others to give you love and attention, you should become your own becan of light.

Career Horoscope:

Jupiter is aspecting in your career house. This is a time for growth and promotion .Any new ideas will get you appreciation and praise from colleagues and seniors. You will feel comfortable in your workplace. Things will move easily for you. Your hard working attitude and focus will make you move in career ladder fast. All the efforts done in the past will payoff well.

Health Horoscope:

This year, you will be in sound health. There are chances of getting rid of old disease. Although there can be some mental stress but you will overall any challenges. This year you will be active however do not burden yourself with strenuous activities. There are chances of overeating and indulgence in food habits. Refrain yourself from junk foods.

Wealth Horoscope:

This year Jupiter is blessing you with good money and wealth. You will able to save and increase your assets. You will get plenty of opportunities to increase your financial status. Think before making any major financial decision. This year you will receive family support. There are also chances of getting some inheritance or ancestral property.

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