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Horoscope 2019

This Year Saturn is situated in your lagna and your lagna lord is in 12th house. Saturn in 1st house will bring negative thoughts to your otherwise bright personality. You will be low on confidence. However, do not let anything shake your confidence. Be positive and optimistic. This year Jupiter in your 12th house will take you to some foreign location .You will also take interest in some religious and philosophical texts.

Love Horoscope:

In the beginning of the year, the mars position on your love house will bring differences with your partner. There might be conflicts and unnecessary fights. You might feel possessive for your partner and might question his/her integrity. Although later in the year, things will become fine for you and relationship will return on smooth track.

Those who want to get married might have to wait for one more year. Those who are married, Saturn aspect on your marriage house can make you indifferent towards your partner. You might be pained due to attitude of your partner. After March due to Rahu transit in your marriage house, there might be more difficulties in married life.

Career Horoscope:

Saturn aspects your career house. Saturn might let you feel that the work you are doing is not fulfilling. You might feel dissatisfied and frustrated with your work and organization .Lack of appreciation will disturb you. This is the time for change in the job or in your work. You might to put extra efforts for it but ultimately it will benefit you in long run.

Health Horoscope:

Saturn position in the 1st house and Jupiter in 12th house will not allow you to feel sound in health. There are some possibility of muscular or body pain. Rahu is currently position in 8th house. You should be be careful while driving as there is possibility of minor accidents. As Rahu is in 8th house until March, in case of any illness do take 2nd opinion of doctor. There are chances of misdiagnosis.

Wealth Horoscope:

As your lagna lord is in 12th house. There are chances of unnecessary and high expenditure. You might also invest in some venture, which might benefit you at the later stage. Do not give loan to any one during this period, as there might the chances that you will not get the money back. This year you will be able to ease your loan by some prepayment.

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