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Horoscope 2019

The year starting will not be very great. In the initial months, you might face some health troubles. Although this year Jupiter aspects your ascendant/lagna, therefore making you hopeful and optimistic. You will realize that your happiness is in your own hands. This year is of introspection. You will introspect your work your approach.  It is likely that you might try to choose some alternate path or plan something, which can change your entire course of life.

Love Horoscope:

In the starting of the year, your love lord Mercury is not in very good position. You might feel disconnected with your partner. Your partner might ignore or neglect you. You might feel that you are struck in your love relationship. This situation will however improve after March but still you might not be able to express your feeling openly with your love partner.

For married couple, Jupiter is sitting in your marriage house. This time you will admire some of the hidden talents of your partner. You will appreciate your partner and in response, you will get love and care.

Career Horoscope:

This year Saturn aspects your career house. Due to Saturn 3rd aspect, you will feel frustration in your current career or business. You might think that your current job or business is not giving you scope for enhancing your growth prospects. This year also there can be job change or change in nature of business. Although changing the job will not be easy and you will face obstacles and delay in it.

Health Horoscope:

In the start of the year, you might face few health troubles. Cough and cold can upset your health. From January until March air, related issues can upset your health frequently, as your lagna lord Venus is weaker. Your immunity will be low in this period. Although from April, You health will be sound from the April onwards.

Wealth Horoscope:

From October 2018 onwards Jupiter is aspects your income house. There will be an expansion in income and income sources. Although Saturn is aspects your wealth house therefore despite increase in income, you might not able to save and increase your assets. If you are planning to purchase, any properties or land then be cautious in any deals. There are chances of getting property deal at higher prices.

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