Talk to Astro - Free Virgo Horoscope 2019

Horoscope 2019

This Year Saturn is in testing mode for Virgo ascendant. Saturn is aspecting your lagna,, career and 6th house. Saturn can make you gloomy this year. You will feel sad frequently and there will be a feeling of being struck with your life. A negative attitude towards life will affect your whole personality. Frankly, the situation is not that bad. Saturn is trying to make you first see the negative side. As this period gets over you will regain your confidence and your positive self.

Love Horoscope:

Until March, Ketu is situated in your love house. This will create a detachment with your partner. You might feel that your partner is too passive and expecting too much attention from you. Some incident will change your feeling towards your partner. You will question your devotion and love towards your partner.

Those who are married can face some disturbance in married life. Saturn 3rd aspect can create separate you from your partner either physically or mentally.

Career Horoscope:

Saturn 7th aspect will create frustration in your career. You will feel being struck. This is a time for change in career/profession. Although nothing will be easy. There will be struggle and obstacles in your path. However, you will come victories at the end. Avoid any dispute with your seniors. Somebody from your workplace can try to harm your reputation.

Health Horoscope:

This year health should take the highest priority. You can experience muscular or bone related issues. Do not ignore any health issue during this period. Immediately visit the doctor. There are also some chances of misdiagnosis of any disease. Take second opinion also. Chanting of Saturn mantra will bring respite.

Wealth Horoscope:

From wealth point of view, this year is good. There will increase in income. You can gain from some unexpected source. Due to aspect of Saturn, your expenditure will be on higher side. There can be expenditure on luxury items. Despite expenditure, you will be able to maintain good bank balance. You can also get any long awaited money.

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