6 Mukhi Rudraksha


6 Mukhi Rudraksha

Six Darshan is named as 6 Face Rudraksha. "Rudraksha" means "Lord Shiva's eyes." The Six Mukhi Rudraksha is said to be controlled by Kartikeya, one of Shiva's six-headed sons who is said to symbolize our senses. Lord Kartikeya was a renowned warrior who was recognized for his strong personality, courtesy, speed, bravery, and superior command skills. The positive qualities and qualities of the courageous Lord Kartikeya are bestowed upon those who wear the six Mukhi Rudraksha.

Rudraksha seeds may be found mostly in Nepal and Indonesia. It takes around 18 years for a rudraksha tree to reach full growth. Rudraksha is used for Japa (prayer) and Shakti (divine energy) (power). It also promotes physical and spiritual well-being. This Rudraksha is well-known for fulfilling the wearer's aspirations since it is strong and aids in retaining a youthful appearance. They're utilized for physical well-being, stress reduction, meditation, and bodily fluid control, among other things.

This Mukhi protects the bearer from the emotional pain of worldly woes and bestows knowledge, wisdom, and learning. This Mukhi bestows Victory and Wisdom upon the user. Wearing this Rudraksha helps to counteract Venus's harmful impacts. It aids in living a happy life and bestows joys on the wearer. The person who wears this bead gains Vashikaran (Enchantment) ability (Power of attracting other peoples). Rudraksha bead makes the wearer wise, beautiful, and bright. This bead has been worn by actors and those who interact with the public since the beginning of time.


General Benefits

  1. It assists the user in connecting with Mother Earth in order to obtain stability in life and achieve success in life's many possibilities.
  2. Six Mukhi Rudraksha is most recognized for its several purposes, which includes attracting happiness into the lives of the people wearing it.
  3. Wearing these six Mukhi Rudraksha might aid in the removal of malefic effects brought on by Mars.
  4. Rudraksha improves one's mental stability, strength, and competence.
  5. Resolving a variety of issues related to a person's mangal dosh.
  6. Wearing six face rudraksha is extremely beneficial for people who have Mangal Dosh in their Kundali.
  7. This Rudraksha contains magnetic properties that might enhance a person's stamina.
  8. It relieves a person of his or her troubles.
  9. It also contributes to a happy marital life.

Spiritual Benefits

  1. Some prehistoric texts say that, wearing a six Mukhi rudraksha energizes the Svadhisthania Chakra or sacral chakra and clears any obstructing energy.
  2. According to astrology, the sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthania Chakra, is responsible for absorbing the six Mukhi rudraksha, which clears all types of negative energy surrounding the user and helps to strengthen oneself in life.

Health Benefits

  1. It kept the diabetes at a manageable level.
  2. It helps to keep the thyroid in check.
  3. Many diabetes individuals struggle to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Six Mukhi rudraksha assists diabetics in balancing their blood sugar levels and alleviating their symptoms.
  4. Many people who wish to manage their thyroid wear it.
  5. Many women suffer from gynecological issues; the six Mukhi rudraksha can help with this by smoothing the reproductive organs' processes.
  6. Beneficial to the smooth functioning of reproductive functions
  7. It aids in justification of women's gynecological problems.
  8. It is also proven to be beneficial in strengthening of Nantes' functioning and muscles.


Various colors of Rudraksha are

  1. White Rudraksha — People who wear white rudraksha have tremendous self-confidence, are physically fit, and have all difficulties removed from their lives.
  2. Crimson Rudraksha- It’s claimed that whomever wears or worships this red Rudraksha is thoroughly burned of all past-life misdeeds.
  3. Yellow Rudraksha- Those who wear the yellow rudraksha have a more comfortable existence.
  4. Black Rudraksha- Most significant characteristic of this Rudraksha is that it provides health, spiritual, riches, and prosperity to the wearer, as well as helping individuals to overcome their issues.


How to wear it?

According to the scriptures, Monday is the ideal day to wear 6 Mukhi rudraksha. As a result, Monday is seen to be the best day to wear a 6 Mukhi rudraksha. Before donning six Mukhi rudraksha, one should shower. The body is believed to be energized on Monday. The wearer should take a shower first thing in the morning. After having a shower, one should clean the temple in their home, seek Lord Shiva's blessings, and decorate it with flowers, Agarbatti, and Diya, among other things. After doing Lord Shiva's Puja, 108 times sing the 6 Mukhi mantra "Om Hreem Hoom Namah."


Things To remember while we are wearing Six Mukhi Rudraksha

There are six Mukhi rudraksha guidelines to observe when wearing them. After purchasing six Mukhi rudraksha, remember to wash it with clean water. Before performing all of the rites associated with wearing it, it should be dipped in cow's milk for one day. It is not advisable to lose faith in it. People who can wear the 6 Mukhi rudraksha have a lot of issues in their lives, which is why they choose it. It is important not to lose faith in the bead. When attending a funeral, it should be removed. It should not be worn while sleeping, and it should be returned to the worship site if it is removed for whatever reason.


Six Mukhi Rudraksha Properties

  1. Venus is the planet that rules the sixth mukhi.
  2. This Mukhi has the power to treat a variety of ailments.
  3. This mukhi is mostly used to treat hypertension.
  4. Ganpati and Kartikeya are the two governing Gods of the six Mukhi Rudraksha.
  5. This Mukhi is should be worn on the right hand alone.
  6. The Six Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of success in different endeavors.


The Six Mukhi Rudraksha's Importance

  1. This Rudraksha is beneficial to the wearer's health.
  2. This mukhi is recognized for having a significant influence on the wearer's intellect and riches.
  3. The rudraksha purifies the wearer's heart.
  4. Rudraksha is also worn for its calming properties.

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