Aquarius Woman 


Aquarius Woman 

When an Aquarius lady is unhappy and wants to cry, her face will be bright with a grin. The Aquarius lady is a bit of a conundrum. She's unexpected and self-sufficient. The permanent sign that doesn't like it when others tell her what to do. She is, however, a true humanitarian who is always willing to help someone who is short on funds or down on their luck. She is always willing to offer sound advice.


The Basic Aquarius Woman Traits and Characteristics

If you want to understand the Aquarian lady, a word of advice is “don't.” The four winds can't be bottled, and the clouds can't be tied together. And don't even think about it. The Aquarius lady is a bit of a contradiction. This lady with an air-sign flourishes in the realm of ideas, constantly lending more credence to her elaborate illusions of an ideal society and how things "should be" than they actually are.

Don't put her in a box because she'll more than likely defy your expectations and become precisely what you don't want her to be. She is the real non-conformist in every way. She is always thinking outside of the box and wants to live on the edge of things.

A lady born under the sign of Aquarius may lack empathy for her closest relatives and friends. She may not be a sympathetic ear, and she isn't the first person you think of when you need to vent in the middle of the night. Her friendships are primarily intellectual in character. Aquarians can easily talk to anybody about anything and appear to have a large number of friends across a variety of social media platforms.


Aquarius Woman Work Ethics

An Aquarian must be interested in research that she believes is vital or has a direct impact on the well-being of all humanity. A lady born under the sign of Aquarius is an independent thinker. She questions everything and comes up with innovative new ideas, but she doesn't necessarily want to be the one to put it all together and see it through.

As long as the Aquarius woman handles her naturally aggressive, rigid ways with colleagues, she may be a good leader, an encouraging friend, and an all-around nice and hard-working employee. An Aquarian's spirit thrives when she may establish her own hours and soar whenever she wants. Independence is important to these air sylphs, and they're prone to freak out if they have a supervisor breathing down their necks all the time.

She is a self-sufficient Aquarius lady who is fully responsible for her financial well-being. This lady is realistic and will not be afraid to take risks in her investments, but she will be interested in determining what those risks are. Unlike certain sun signs who are obsessed with saving or spending money, many Aquarian women are not. They frequently ponder if it might be given away to someone in need. For those who are more committed to their money, it may be quite cunning. Aquarius' aloof, detached demeanour makes her a difficult negotiator.


Aquarius Woman in Relationships

She is exciting, unexpected, and not someone you should choose to be with if you want a solid, secure relationship free of emotional ups and downs. She dislikes being tied down, but she would go to any length for the right person, and she will not give in to the formal demands of a partnership unless she feels her biological clock ticking. When establishing a relationship with this woman, the most essential thing to remember is that she can only be swept off her feet by respect and a few surprises in return.


Understanding Your Aquarius Woman

Aquarius is a sign of resistance, and it will be difficult for this lady to resolve the internal conflict that constantly reminds her that respect must be earned. She may never comprehend that respect is a natural right for her and that she does not need to constantly battle for it. Her greatest difficulty is achieving inner, emotional peace, and when she is repeatedly injured, she readily closes her heart and carries on with her life on a completely intellectual level.


Aquarius Woman Likes and Dislikes

The appeal of being in the company of an Aquarius lady lies in her unexpected, adventurous character, her compassionate view on life, and her comprehension of situations that others would avoid. One of the disadvantages of dating her is that she is unpredictable and unreliable, not only because she may be late every time you are meant to meet, but also because it is often hard to predict how she would respond to what other people do.


Aquarius Woman in Love 

Aquarius woman emits gentle glitter, like the serene, mild brightness of a distant star. Despite the fact that she may be sitting right next to you, you have the impression that her soul is millions of light-years away, far from issues of the heart. For an Aquarius woman, love is a game, and she'll play numerous parts for her partner just to keep things fresh. On the other hand, it takes time for her to be able to communicate emotionally and trust someone else.

Her spouse must be psychologically prepared to handle the obstacles posed by this strong, capable, and educated lady. It's not that they can't be sensuous and dedicated lovers; in fact, they are most of the time. However, what they truly desire is a romantic connection, and they might get caught up in future plans rather than examining how they feel about their current relationship. For her, communication is the key to a happy relationship, and she could reason any feeling. But, as wonderful as she is, getting through to her heart takes time.


Aquarius Woman Compatibility with Other Signs

When it comes to compatibility, Aquarians are better matched to other air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius, or ideally fire signs. Taurus and Scorpio are said to be the least compatible signs with Aquarius.

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