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Ascendant or rising is represented by the 1st house in the horoscope. Ascendant is the most important aspect of astrology. It forms the foundation of personality, mindset and overall life. Different signs of Ascendant/Lagna have different influences on personality and life in astrology.

Aries Lagna/Ascendant/Rising: 

Aries is the first sign in Astrology. Aries is ruled by Mars. The Person with Aries ascendant is direct and active. They are pioneers. They are aggressive, competitive and full of enthusiasm. They have a very active mind. They need a change of environment on a regular basis. Aries person is found to switch jobs, change houses quickly. They are born leaders and want to excel in whatever they do. They are success-oriented people and have lots of mental stamina. Impulsiveness and Indecisiveness are their negative traits. They have a lack of patience. They start a thing with much enthusiasm but lack interest in between. If Mars is exalted in horoscope then the person can reach on the top of his profession. If debilitated then the person can have huge losses due to impulsive behavior. If Mars is in 1st house then it will lead to Manglik dosha.

Taurus Lagna/Ascendant/Rising: 

Taurus is ruled by Venus planet in Astrology. Taurus persons are practical from the outside but sensitive from inside. Taurus person looks for stability and security. They don’t like frequent changes. Taurus person is fond of beautiful things like a decorated house, beautiful dresses. They are also nature-loving person. Taurus person is creative by nature and has an interest in music, art, etc. They will have a sharp memory and their intuitive power is very strong. If Venus is exalted in the horoscope then these people will have all the material success. If debilitated then Taurus person will face many obstacles and will achieve material success after much hard work. If other planets are favorable and forming Raj Yoga then the person can reach a good height.

Gemini Lagna/Ascendant/Rising: 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury in Astrology. Gemini rising person is communicative and intelligent. They have a high level of curiosity. They are friendly and jovial in nature. Although they frequently change their minds. They have an adaptable personality. They are intellect and always willing to learn. They have knowledge of multiple subjects. Gemini persons have business acumen. Gemini is a dual sign so there are two faces of their personality. On one side they are talkative and extrovert and on other side, they can also be sober and to the point in their communication. They are the person who can talk to anyone on any topic.

If Mercury is exalted or in its own house, then the person can be a good profile in media or sales/Marketing or he can even own his own business or can also be a writer. If Mercury is debilitated then the person might feel some issue in communication and expressing himself.

Cancer Lagna/Ascendant/Rising: 

Cancer is ruled by Moon in astrology. Those person born with Cancer Ascendant are sensitive, intuitive and emotional. They have an imaginative mind. They are much attached to their family and home. These person are kind, gentle and romantic. Although on negative side, they can be fickle-minded or moody.

They are caring. They generally looks younger than their age. Women of Cancer ascendant have generally very pleasing personality.

Cancer ascendant persons generally have late marriage if Saturn is afflicted in Horoscope. Cancer ascendant should always get horoscope matching as Saturn being marriage lord can create problems in marriage.

Cancer ascendant persons loves to travels, they can do well as healer, travel agents and hoteliers.

Leo Lagna/Ascendant/Rising: 

Leo Ascendant is ruled by Sun in Astrology. Leo Ascendant persons are self-confident and independent. They are optimistic and loves to show off. They generally have an impressive personality with majestic appearance.

They are ambitious and loves to lead royal life. On negative side, they can over confident and egoistic. Sometimes they also become short tempered. They have inclination towards variety of subjects. They have quality to adapt themselves to even difficult circumstances.

Leo ascendant person might face difficult in early life but they will turnout as winner .A debilitated sun means person will have low self-confidence. An exalted Sun indicates person will be very independent and have winning attitude.

Virgo Lagna/Ascendant/Rising: 

Virgo ascendant are young looking and energetic. They usually have beautiful eyes. They love to dress up. They are fond of cooking. They are highly intellectual. Virgo being a dual sign gives two aspects to their personality. People born in Virgo ascendant are talkative and emotional and reliable. However, they can sometimes be critical also. They have a sharp memory.

Virgo ascendant born person are sober, soft, kind and full of empathy. They work well where their calculative mind skills is used. Professionally, Marketing, consulting and finance are good fields for them .If Mercury is exalted in their horoscope, they will reach good height in their professional career. If debilitated, person will be cunning and calculative. They will face difficulty in expressing themselves.

Libra Lagna/Ascendant/Rising: 

Libra sun sign is ruled by Venus. Person born under Libra ascendant are brilliant, intuitive and foresighted.

Libra ascendant person are generally good looking. They are fair, harmonious and social. They are balanced by nature and strive to maintain their calm temperament in adverse circumstances also. They are happy go lucky type who love to chat with friends and invite them. They know how to mingle with people. They are easy to get along with.

Person born under Libra ascendant are brilliant, intuitive and foresighted. They are caring and kind-hearted. If Venus is exalted or in its own sign in the horoscope, then provide the native with all material comforts.

If Venus is debilitated or in its enemy house, then gives struggle to native in gaining wealth.

Scorpio Lagna/Ascendant/Rising:

Scorpio sign is ruled by Mars. Native-born in Scorpio ascendant are secretive and mysterious. They are focused and determined. Whatever target they set in their mind, they put all efforts to achieve that. They have a dynamic personality. Scorpio ascendant natives have fewer friends but for those whom they consider their friend, they can go extra miles. Scorpio ascendant person if consider someone as their enemy then they make sure that they make their enemy payoff.

Scorpio have magnetic personality. The mysticism in their personality make them attractive to others. Scorpio persons have leadership quality. If mars is exalted then gives a very strong will power and courageous personality. If debilitated the will power of person is weak.

Sagittarius Lagna/Ascendant/Rising:

Sagittarius ascendant persons are independent by nature .they love travelling. They are quite curious. Sagittarius native are bright and optimistic. They love to enjoy their life by exploring the world. Sagittarius should take their fitness seriously as they are prone to weight gain.

Sagittarius person are religious however their view point towards religion is different from societal view point. Sagittarius ascendant native are risk taker. They should try to be calculative risk taker. If you ask Sagittarius person for opinion be prepared to get honest opinion. Sagittarius ascendant native lacks diplomacy they are very straightforward.

Sagittarius ascendant is ruled by Jupiter. If Jupiter is exalted then the person is blessed with all good things i.e. material comfort, wisdom etc. If Jupiter is debilitated or afflicted by malefic planets then the person faces lots of troubles in day to day activities.

Capricorn Lagna/Ascendant/Rising:

Capricorn ascendant person are practical and reliable. They have high sense of responsibility. You will mostly find them as dedicated towards their work. They has less number of friends and they maintain a reserve temperament. Capricorn ascendant give impression of professionalism and duty.

Capricorn ascendant have mature looks, dark and expressive eyes. If Saturn is positioned in ascendant or have aspects on ascendant then person have darker complexion.

Capricorn ascendant person are good in technical work or were they have to follow a daily routine .they take their work seriously and ambitious and determined. If Saturn is exalted in horoscope, it makes the person hardworking. Through their hard work these person reaches the top of the ladder. If Saturn is debilitated then makes the person lazy and give habit of procrastination.

Aquarius Lagna/Ascendant/Rising:

Aquarius ascendant or rising person are firm and energetic. They are progressive and many times their ideas are out of totally unconventional. They are active minded person who have a lot of creative ideas.

Aquarius rising or ascendant person are sensitive and emotional. They are god fearing and kind. They are quite witty and have judgmental quality. Although sometimes they don’t want to accept the others view point of view. They feel that they are always right.

If Saturn is exalted in horoscope the bless the native with all the material success. If debilitated then the person have to struggle a lot in life and will face obstacle and hurdles in whatever he does.

Pisces LagnaAscendant/Rising:

Pisces ascendant persons are idealistic and mature. Being the last sign of zodiac they are full of wisdom and a higher view on everything. They are faithful and gives impression of gentleness. Look wise they have bright looks and attractive personality. Expressive and beautiful eyes are the most attractive features of their personality.

Pisces rising natives are intelligent and enthusiastic. They have the curiosity to gather knowledge about every field. They are voracious readers. They have a perfectionist attitude towards everything. They are ambitious and achieve whatever they want in life. If Jupiter is exalted in horoscope then Pisces rising person does very well in their career. They achieve name and fame. If Jupiter is debilitated in horoscope then they lack support in life. They build their career after much struggle.

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