Atmakaraka - Know the Real Objective of your Life

The term Atmakaraka means your soul planet - the particular planet that indicates what is that your soul truly desires. This desire or wish of your soul could begin a fresh chapter from your present-day life or it could plainly be the total sum or could be a carry forward from all your preceding births. The soul of a being continues to take birth into diverse embodiments till the time it the soul fulfills all the unfinished desires it has possessed of the past lives. It's a really slow process of self recognition that the 'atman' - your soul goes through in each birth, as there are some worldly duties of this life that is supposed to be carried out also. The soul must complete the worldly duty of this birth before its spiritual path is enlightened!


The unfulfilled desires of your soul

Vedic Astrology is a unique way, following which one can find out what are the unfulfilled desires or responsibilities of the soul from the previous lives and also know that how to fulfill those desires or complete those duties in this birth. There is a particular planet that dictates your soul. This particular planet is called your Atmakarka planet in this one life time. Similar to any other planet in your horoscope, the house or houses which Atmakaraka planet rules over, elaborates the areas of life where your most thorny life challenges and the grief points will come from throughout this life term.


This is what an Atmakaraka planet signifies

  • The areas of this life where you can find fulfillment
  • Aspects of this life where which are your challenges or the pain points
  • It’s the focus of your present life, where all of your fated actions have to be played out.
  • It’s the special power that your life receives from your Atmakaraka planet that either allows you to fulfill your soul's true desires or makes you fail it.


The life clues, as seen from Atmakaraka in a horoscope

The Atmakaraka planet of yours defines the mettle and quality of your character &also it defines or shapes the spiritual development and along with that it also identifies that what type of human being you truly are. And most interestingly, your Atmakaraka planet holds the mysterious of the actual purpose of why you came into this world, why you took this birth or re-birth on earth once again and what is your actual position this series of cosmic events and what is your true role in this big universal scheme. Every planet in the universe that acts as your Atmakaraka planet has a lot of information and always has a story to tell, so here let us discuss everything about the Atmakaraka planet in detail:

  • In the case when Sun is your Atmakaraka planet, the true purpose of your life is to spin around power, fame and victory. But you develop ego and what is the most obvious happens, your ego becomes your downside.
  • In the case of Mercury as an AK, it brings you intellectual supremacy and an instinctive cleverness that has travelled along with you over many births. The cosmic teachings are based on art of communication.
  • In the case of Venus being your Atmakaraka, the life story person revolves around love, relationships & extremely importantly - sex. The person’s control over its sexual desires and accepting people the way they are becomes your real key to upliftment in life.
  • In the case of Mars being the Atmakaraka planet, it leads the person to never ending pursuits of adventures and victory. Some of those pursuits are even the senseless ones. The control of this desire and a sense of contentment in conceding give the soul the true light.
  • In the case of Moon as an Atmakaraka planet, person is in search of worldly harmony while the differentiation between the superficial happiness and a true one is the key to the life’s paradise.   


Importance of Atmakaraka

Atmakaraka’s analysis in your horoscope:

  • Atmakaraka helps the person to identify the mission and role of their current life
  • Atmakaraka helps you chart your path on to your ride towards attaining the summit of success that your soul is competent of achieving.
  • Atmakaraka gives you the most significant lessons in your life. Life's most complicated areas are linked to the AK planet and they play out during the antar dasha/ dasha of the AK planet.

Keep in mind it’s just not human to not failing those teaching at times or may be several times in this life. But at the conclusion you must 'learn to learn' from them.


Ishtadevata - Jivanmuktamsha

Atmakaraka plays a significant role in finding out your Ishtadevata. The 12th house from karakamsha in D9 chart of yours is called Jivanmuktamsha. If there’s a planet in that house the idol linked to that planet then they become your Ishtadevata if not looking for ruler of that house.


Ishta Devatas of different planets

This is based on the avatar of Lord Vishnu.

1. Sun: - Lord Rama

2. Moon: - Lord Krishna

3. Mars: - Lord Narasimha

4. Mercury: - Lord Buddha

5. Jupiter: - Lord Vamana

6. Venus: - Lord Parashuram

7. Saturn: - Lord Kurma

8. Rahu: - Lord Varaha

9. Ketu: - Lord Mathsaya


How can someone evaluate Atmakaraka?

1. House where the AK is positioned and sign in the birth chart and all the divisional charts.

2. Malefic and benefic aspects to the AK

3. Conjunction and aspects of the AK with other planets.

4. Reading chart with the AK as the ascendant will give you plenty number of clues

5. The dasha and bhukti's of the AK will be very significant

6. Connection between lagna and the AK lord in birth chart and the D9 chart.

7. Check out that is your AK retrograde?

8. Nakshatra of your AK and its attributes and qualities

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