Banana Tree in Astrology and Hinduism

Banana tree in astrology and Hinduism

Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits on the planet. It is extremely good to one's health, and its significance in Hinduism is perhaps the most surprising aspect. In Hinduism, the banana tree and its leaves are regarded holy and one of the most sacred plants.


What is the importance of the banana tree in Hinduism 

Hinduism is influenced by a variety of fascinating mythological stories and events, as well as important connections to many natural components. Many trees have been revered and worshipped from the beginning of time. Plants and animals appear in our holy text and scriptures numerous times for various impulses and causes. Plants and animals have a close relationship with Gods and Goddesses and are revered for their unique features.

Bananas do not, in fact, grow on trees. It belongs to the category of perennial herbs with a non-woody trunk. However, it is viewed as a tree because of its look, size, and structure, and it holds great significance in Hinduism. The leaves, stem, and fruits of the banana tree are regarded sacred in Hinduism.


What is the reason behind the worship of the banana tree?

The entire banana plant is regarded sacred and is referred to as 'Kadali' in Sanskrit. In Hindu culture, banana leaves are regarded holy for a variety of reasons.

Rishi Durvasa cursed his wife for interrupting his slumber, according to Hindu mythology. He cursed him with the ability to transform into a banana tree. She begged her husband for a desire that she be treated differently, as if she were a holy plant, after she was cursed. Rishi Duravasa granted her wish, and banana tree leaves have been considered auspicious and sacred in Hindu culture ever since.


Significance of banana tree

·      The Hindu faith has a practise of placing two banana plants at the entrance of the marriage hall and the bridegroom and bride's home. The tree, according to legend, represents the couple's married life as evergreen, as well as their relationship and affection for one another. The couple would be blessed with all of the world's wealth and offspring.

·      The tree is thought to be identical to 'Devaguru or Brihaspati' in Hindu scriptures. The notion is widespread, and those who cannot afford Yellow Sapphire gemstones can wear the tree's root. Having a Guru or Brihaspati at home is the same as planting the tree.

·      The banana tree is a deeply religious emblem of Lord Vishnu, and it should be worshipped every Thursday to benefit from Jupiter's blessings.

·      Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi receive the banana fruit as Prasad or Bhog. It is believed that Vishnu and Lakshmi adore the fruit and bestow bliss on believers in the form of a joyful marriage, prosperous finances, and contentment for the entire family.

·      The Goddess's figure is formed using banana plantain at Bengalis' Durga Puja, a grand event. Kola Bou is a form of Goddess who is supposed to be Lord Ganesha's bride. On Maha Saptami, she is bathed before the evening and placed next to Lord Ganesha.


Benefits of planting banana tree

·      Planting a banana tree in a home, according to legend, will solve any Jupiter-related issues.

·      Planting a tree in front of the bride and groom's residence implies that the couple's married life will be evergreen, and their relationship and love will last forever.

·      The couple would be blessed with all of the world's wealth and offspring.

·      Unmarried women who have been waiting for a long time to marry might simply find their ideal companion.

·      Women's marital lives would improve.

·      The plant will help students succeed in higher education by empowering them with knowledge.

·      The tree also guards us against dangerous infections.


 Banana tree according to astrology 

The banana tree is said to be home to Devguru Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu, according to astrology. Jupiter is associated with joy, prosperity, self-control, sattvikta, spirituality, and conjugal bliss. If the banana tree is placed in the improper location in the house or if it is not properly cared for, all of the above difficulties will arise. Most individuals plant sacred trees in their homes, but they are unable to properly care for them, resulting in negative consequences. As a result, the scholars refused to allow the banana tree to be planted in the residence. But if you plant a banana tree in a scripture-guided location and care for it, nothing will be able to keep you from being happy and rich.


How is banana tree considered as the sacred plant?

The banana is also the sole fruit referenced in the Pali canon (core texts of the Theravada school of Buddhism), the Vedas, and the Bhagavad Gita, and is part of a trinity of fruits known as mukkani in Tamil Sangam literature, which includes mango and jackfruit. The banana tree is associated with Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter) in Hinduism, who is regarded as a guru in the Hindu pantheon.


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