Benefits of Firoza Stone


Benefits of Firoza Stone

Turquoise is a stone symbolising calm, gentleness, and serenity. Protection, meditation, energy, wisdom, honesty, balance, communication, strength, friendship, and love are all enhanced. The Firoza stone comes in a variety of green hues, including greenish blue, apple green, greenish grey, and sky blue. Turquoise stones protect the wearer from negative influences while also attracting friendship. The Turquoise stone was named after natural turquoises that were discovered in the Turkey. Green turquoise heightens the spirituality and bridges the gap in the connection. It is beneficial for the entire body, as it can strengthen the complete anatomy and aid in the treatment of all sorts of disorders.

Since the ancient times, the use of jewels has been quite common in society. They are utilised in various ways, whether to enhance attractiveness or to improve one's fortune. Gems have been employed in the astrology for 'Griha Shanti,' or to increase their auspiciousness. The benefits of the diamonds can be reaped by wearing them in various forms. Every gem, be it the Manikya, pearl, emerald, or any other stone, has its own unique features. The Firoza, or Turquoise, is one of the stones that falls under this category. 

 In Sanskrit, turquoise is known as Peroj or Haritashm. This replacement is believed to provide an abundance of everything. It's a translucent sub-stone that's in high demand right now. Turquoise is a sky blue colour. It can be a little darker than sky blue or a combination of blue and green. Turquoise with a pure blue tint is the most desired one. Turquoise of this sort can be found in Iran. It is regarded as a precious gem. People in Egypt used to use turquoise as jewellery thousands of years ago.



Firoza Ratna Benefits

Wearing turquoise keeps a person's marital life in balance. The partnership is based on understanding and trust. It is said that this alternative brings happiness into one's life and strengthens one's luck. Wearing this sub-stone prevents sickness by preventing negative energy from communicating with the body. It is seen as a friendship symbol. This alternative cause of wearing this Firoza gemstone is that it is used as a pendant when going on a long voyage. The Turquoise stone should be worn by those individuals who are working in the television, film, fashion, textile, and artificial jewellery industries in order to get the best outcomes.


Health Benefits From Firoza Gem Stone

The Turquoise stone is known for being a pristine stone. The holy book Bible contains a reference to it. A person who wears the turquoise stone is protected from accidents and violence. It is a drug that is used to help people relax. This pendant of the Turquoise stone should be worn by anyone who is worried or stressed. This sub-stone is recommended for those people who have jobs that need them to work at significant heights. Wearing this Upratna helps to lower the acidity and also relieves gastrointestinal issues.


Turquoise Gives Money and Fame

Firoza is an advantageous stone in concerns of money and fame. People who work in the film industry also use this gemstone. This gem is also utilised to gain notoriety and name. It's also utilised to strengthen romantic relationships. The softness of this gemstone has an effect on the native's life.

·      This stone confers social rank and respect.

·      Along with this, it also enhances mental and communicative abilities.

·      It also gives makes you capable of thinking creatively.

·      Improves self-confidence and self-esteem.

·      Defend yourself from bad spirits.

·      It has therapeutic properties.

·      Muscle strength is improved.


The Turquoise stone is also used to treat several problems including the throat infections, female reproductive system, migraines, headaches, anorexia, pollution, stress, cataracts, fever, liver ailments, and eye ailments, among others. It also provides support for tendons, ligaments, the thymus gland, nerves, tissue regeneration, and overall circulation. On a bodily level, it balances acidity, relieves pain, and prevents viral infection.

Friendship is symbolised by the Feroza gemstone. It is the oldest stone and contains a tremendous deal of knowledge.


How to identify Turquoise

The Firoza gemstone is immediately identifiable due to its colour and shape. Firoza is the name given to it because of its blue colour. It comes in a variety of shades, including dark blue, sky blue, and even green. Firoza from Iran is regarded as the highest quality stone. Firoza, which can be found in America, Tibet, and India, is also regarded beneficial. Its price may grow or decrease depending on its colour and brilliance.



Who can wear Turquoise?

The Firoza stone is thought to be beneficial for ‘Griha Shanti' and improving one's fate in astrology. This stone can be worn as a locket, a bracelet, or a ring around the neck. This stone has a lot of power. It provides the native with a positive energy. If Venus, the Lord of auspicious homes, is weak in the local's horoscope, the native should wear the Firoza stone.

It is considered beneficial for residents of the Jupiter planet and the Sagittarius sign in western astrology. It is the sub-stone of Jupiter in Indian tradition, and it is beneficial to anyone born under the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. It is advantageous to gain respect, boost financial rewards, and improve one's health.



How and when to wear Turquoise?

Before you wear any gemstone, make sure you know when you should wear it to get the most out of it. One of the most important characteristics of Firoza stone is that it has no harmful side effects. It is not unlucky if it is unable to provide any benefit.

On Friday, this stone is worn. It's also appropriate for Thursday and Saturday. Firoza stone should be washed with Gangajal and raw milk on an auspicious day, during Shukla Paksha. A Puja should be performed after the cleansing. Puja can be worn in any way after it is completed. Gold, copper, silver, copper, bronze, and lead, commonly known as ‘Panchdhatu,' can be worn.


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