Benefits of Offering Water to the Sun God

Benefits of offering water to the sun god

Offering water to Surya god regularly has several great benefits, including discipline and maintaining mind, body and spirit balance. The first rays of the sun motivate us to achieve early achievement in our daily lives. It provides you all of the life's joys, as well as money and good health.

Offering Arghya to the sun, according to Indian tradition, offers you mental, physical, and practical stamina to overcome any struggle. Regular worship of the god Surya transforms the individual into a scholar, a master of words with an effective voice, and a wise person. At the same time, it clears a person's mind of ego, anger, greed, want, and evil thoughts.


Rules of Surya arghya

: Don't only offer water.

You should present red flowers, jaggery blossoms, rice, and sweet food to the Sun God whenever you worship him. Even if the empty water has been forgotten, it should not be offered to the Sun God. It is thought that by doing so, God grows enraged. As a result, preserve flowers or water unharmed. Roli, sandalwood, or even red flowers can be added to the water if desired.


: Water should not touch feet.

With Arghya Lotte, you can offer the Sun, but bear in mind that water should not fall straight on your feet. The reason for this is that it is thought that anyone who begins to put water in his feet while delivering water to the Sun would not get the Sun God's blessings.


: When should water be given?

Water should be provided to the Sun God on a regular basis, but Sunday is the greatest day to do it. That is why, if you wish to offer the sun water every day, you should start on Sunday. However, remember that the best time to offer water to the Sun is during the Brahma Muhurta. As a result, bathe in the morning, dress cleanly, and offer water to the sun.


: Give arghya like this

Use a copper lotus to present Arghya to the Sun, and hold the vessel with both hands. Then make an over-the-head offer. The sun's rays penetrate through the water and land straight on the body in this manner.


: Pay attention to the direction.

Many individuals offer water, but some of them frequently provide it in the wrong way. As a result, whenever you present arghya to the sun, bear in mind that your face should be towards the east.

Even if the Sun God is not visible due to bad weather, you can still offer water by gazing east. Keep in mind that the sun's rays must be visible from the middle of the water's edge when offering water.


Avoid these mistakes while offering water to sun

·      To deliver Arghya to Surya Dev, utilise a copper container instead of steel, plastic, or glass bottles.

·      Hold the pot of water in both hands and pour water over the head while offering Arghya to Surya Dev.

·      Keep the red flowers in the pot intact while presenting Arghya.

·      Keep in mind that water should not be splashed on your feet when presenting Arghya to Surya Dev.

·      If you're delivering water to Surya Dev, make sure your face is facing east. The sun's rays should be visible in the stream when offering water.


Right way to offer water to sun

Surya Arghya is a sunrise ceremony that should be conducted early in the morning. Take a bath and don't eat anything before you go. For the offering, fill a brass or copper jar with 250 mL or more of water. You should walk barefoot to a location where you can clearly see the sun, then stand on the balls of your feet for 3-5 minutes, slowly releasing a continual stream of water while looking at the sun through the water flow. During the offering, the stream of water is not meant to break. You must chant the Surya mantra while gazing towards the sun. This is thought to offer tranquilly and vigour to your body first thing in the morning.


Benefits of offering turmeric water to the sun

In Hinduism, turmeric is seen as auspicious. Turmeric is applied to the bride or groom even before the wedding. The yoga of marriage is established, according to astrology, by pouring turmeric into water and giving Arghya to the Sun.


Know the scientific reason behind the offering water to sun

·      The solar rays that reach us at morning are slanted. Vitamin D, which is essential for strong and healthy bones, is abundant in these sun rays. In metropolitan environments, vitamin D insufficiency is fairly frequent. This vital vitamin is lacking in 70-80% of the population.

·      Looking at the sun through a stream of water shields our eyes from harmful UV rays while allowing beneficial rays (rods and cones) to reach our eyes, improving our vision. These rays also help to prevent cataracts from forming. That is why it is recommended that you gaze at the sun for 3 to 5 minutes through the water.

·      Walking barefoot provides natural acupressure to the body through the earth and grass.

·      During the offering, you exercise the tendons in your ankle joints by standing on the balls of your feet. This helps to relieve ankle pain and keep your calf muscles in good shape. Walking on the balls of your feet, according to physiotherapists, is the best way to treat sore ankle joints.

·      Because of the after-bath soft and supple skin with open pores, doing the offering after a bath results in higher vitamin D absorption. At present moment, our skins are extremely adsorbent, capable of absorbing up to 75% of whatever it comes into touch with.

·      Morning air is likewise clean and free of pollutants. Photosynthesis allows plants and trees to eliminate poisons from the morning air and release fresh oxygen.

·      As a morning breathing exercise, reciting the Surya mantra and the word Om is particularly beneficial. Reciting a mantra can also help you concentrate and focus your thoughts.


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