Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra is symbolized by harmony of stars and is positioned at the fulcrum of creative energy in celestial constellation that consists 27 nakshatras in total.

The governing deity of Bharani Nakshatra is ‘The god of death – Yama’, and its ruling planet is Venus. ” Bharani Nakshatra or Bearing star” inhabits the second slot in the assemblage of 27 birth stars.

Shakti (Power): Apabharani Shakti

Symbol: The Vulva or Celestial Yoni. A boat is the substitute symbol of this star; it represents transportation between different planes and realms of existence. Bharani Nakshatra is also symbolized by a “clay pot” or womb containing Shakti, the divine feminine creative power. The animal symbol of this nakshatra is elephant.

Names of the natives of this nakshatra should start with: li’ lu’ lE’ lo.

Basic Information About Bharani Nakshatra

Manifesting the ingenious aspect of Venus, its planetary lord, Bharani Nakshatra is related to the congenital feminine attributes of nature- its ability to create, bear, look after and demolish. To embrace or to resort to the path of extremities is one of the inherent characteristics of natives of Bharani Nakshatra.

In its sustained oscillation between antithetical opinions, nakshatra symbolizes mutually opposing attributes of aspiration, experimentation, libido, forbearance, envy, sacrifice and terror.

General Characteristics Of Bharani Nakshatra

Marked by the ambience of guilelessness and reliance on instincts, Natives born under the birth star of Bharani exhibit their readiness to explore and experiment rather than sit back and calculate. Because of the star constellation’s indispensable tendency towards contradictions, natives are often seen going through the radical processes of alteration.

Some of their generic characteristics involve going through a whole lot of possibilities and getting on board at obtrusively novel road of prospects. To dive into freshly discovered avenues of prospects without much forethought and calculation are also an inseparable part of their generic characteristics.

The personality traits of a native born under Bharani Nakshatra are, they call for shrewd and efficacious guidance whereby they are able to lead on their creative energy to fruitful achievements. But in the case of its absence they are susceptible to hopping from one source to next.

In their behavioral attributes or characteristics they exhibit outward tranquil and poise, despite the existence of a volatile psyche. Their behavioral traits display the elements of forbearance and strength on account of their intrinsic ability to counter hardships of life. Being routed and facing losses may make them emotional but with their imperative fortitude and forbearance, they are fully furnished to counter the necessary difficulties of life.

With their positive traits of tranquil, poise and care, endearingly charismatic. With their myriad interests and experimentation, they tend to themselves in different categorizations of art and culture. Sincerity and conscientiousness towards their liabilities are some of their other positive traits.

In their unconstrained indulgence of materialistic and physical pleasure can be looked upon as a leading negative trait. Correspondingly their frangibleness to luxuriousness and extravagance are counted as their major negative traits. It also incorporates their powerlessness to put up with any form of domination and source of authority. Regardless of being good hearted, his abject ignorance towards others sentiments, many times contribute to their unpopularity.

Career Options for Bharani Nakshatra Born People

With their vigorousness and enterprising attributes, natives born under Bharani star sign in their ascendance, will create efficacious careers opportunities for themselves, rather than waiting for opportunities to hit their road. With their fanciful ingenuity, they shine in realms of performing arts and such can shape their future in career based on singing, dancing, acting and painting. They also may become amazing administrators, businessmen and adjudicators and surgeons.

As a matter of fact, with their inherent aspiration to experience life all prospects, makes them fit for varied kinds of careers.

Bharani Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Bharani Nakshatra is instinctively compatible with Revathi nakshatra (symbolic of female elephant). Even Shravana, Hasta, Swati and Purva Ashada are compatible with Bharani Nakshatra; if the compatibility is to be judged on the basis of animal yonis they are guided by.

Bharani Nakshatra is incompatible with birth stars that are guided by tiger and lion. Thus it tends to be incompatible with Dhanishta, Chitra, Purvabhadrapada and Vishaka nakshatra.

Bharani Nakshatra Padas

First Pada: They make a professionally victorious native. They may have more friends of the opposite sex and there is much possibility of love marriage in this pada. They often become excellent dancers, dance teachers, sportsmen and teacher. They acquire slender body, watery eyes, hanging belly and shoulders. However these people will take on any risk for the people they love the most.

Second Pada: Natives in this pada have excessive attraction towards opposite sex and too much sexual activities. They may not like to work under others and may be interested in having their own enterprise. They will be happy for most part of their life. They have good education and inherit wealth from their maternal grandfather.

Third Pada: Alike  second pada, natives of third pada also pay too much attention to opposite sex and excessive sexual activities. They are also interested in creating their own enterprise and do not like to work under anybody else. They can be good dancer teacher, sex advisor, model, caterer etc. It’s finer to let your spouse run the business or at least have the business under their name, unless if they themselves are from pada three of Bharani Nakshatra.

Fourth Pada: Natives of the fourth pada of Bharani Nakshatra have explosive energy levels. If this energy is properly channeled in the right direction, they may become photographers, detectives, pathologists, researchers or gynecologists etc. They have monkey-like faces and brown body hair. People born under this pada may take advantage of others to gain wealth and luxury. They may be seeking for shortcuts to achieve success in their life, which will give them a cunning character. When they want to express their opinion related to any matter, they do not bother about the sentiments of other people.  


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