Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha


Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha

The 4 mukhi Rudraksha beads are remarkably eminent in Java and Nepal range that is the strongest and most authentic range of Rudraksha. Nepal beads are bigger in size and simply have the genuine products in the world. Java and Nepal is the only regions where Indonesian beads are found. While, the Java beads are much smaller in size with a smoother surface and the mukhi lines are visible as white lines are not etched deep and take somewhat longer time to show outcomes. The worshiper of the Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha Nepal always becomes the triumphant and becomes courageous and powerful. He always attains what he promises. Because of its small size and smooth surface, chaar mukhi from Java, Indonesia, is still used by many jewellery designers.

Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha is a Brahma Rudraksha that bestows the wearer with incredible focus, determination, strong will power, immense memory retention and strong memory power. This mighty Rudraksha enhances the innovativeness, concentration, creativity and result orientedness in the wearer and grants immense knowledge which eventually makes the wearer of the 4 mukhi rudraksha victorious in his or her life. The Chaar face rudraksha is very beneficial for those who want to achieve remarkable academic results and go on to have a successful profession. The wearer of chaar face rudraksha makes noble decisions in whichever capacity he’s working and removes confusion that makes the wearer have a crystal clear vision of thoughts and actions. Chaar face rudraksha clearly enhances the wisdom, logic, analytical abilities, wit, oratory skills and communication in the wearer and enhances his confidence and intelligence to manifold times more. The surface of the chaar Mukhi Rudraksha will contain four Mukhi or clear lines. The four mukhi Rudraksha’s Ruling Deity is Guru Brihaspati who is regarded as Guru of all the Devas.


Importance of Four Mukhi Rudraksha

1) 4 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Creativity and Knowledge.

2) Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha assists in removing intellectual dullness and in obtaining insight and spiritual faith.

3) The 4 mukhi rudraksha is an aid in spiritual sadhana and meditation.


Benefits of Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha

1) It assists the wearer in gaining more power of winning debates and become stronger in terms of communication and knowledge skills.

2) Chaar mukhi Rudraksha assists the wearer in expanding its memory power, intelligence and vocal power

3) 4 mukhi Rudraksha Nepal helps its wearer by reducing the negative influence of Planet Jupiter.

4) Chaar mukhi Rudraksha makes its wearer witty, intelligent and rational.


4 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

“OM HREEM NAMAH” is the mantra for 4 Mukhi Rudraksha. Devata: Lord Brahma and Lord Indra


How to Wear 4 Mukhi Rudraksha

1) Wearing the four Mukhi Rudraksha beads in a silk or wool thread or having them capped in gold or silver is the best and most elegant method to wear them.

2) The chaar Mukhi Rudraksha bead can be worn around the neck or in a silver or golden basket, and it can also be worn as a mala of 27+1, 32+1, 54+1, or 108+1 beads on the neck or as a bracelet.

3) It is always recommended to energize the original chaar Mukhi Rudraksha prior to wearing it. Jupiter is the ruling planet of 4 mukhi rudraksha.

4) So as to energize the Rudraksha bead, get up during the break of the day and clean the region wherever the pooja will be conducted and wearer must bath and wear clean clothes.


Significance of the 4 Mukhi Rudraksha

1) The 4 mukhi Rudraksha blesses its wearer with increased intellect knowledge, wisdom and boosts creativity.

2) 4 mukhi Rudraksha assists in elevating the spiritual faith and offers insights

3) The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha removes troubles by removing malefic effects of planet Jupiter

4) 4 mukhi Rudraksha is extensively used for wearing and also chanting mantras.

5) This 4 mukhi rudraksha bead assists in removing the intellectual dullness, betters person’s self awareness and intellect.


Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha Puja

The planet Jupiter rules the powerful and unique chaar mukhi Rudraksha bead, and the best day to wear it is Thursday morning. The wearer of 4 mukhi rudrakhsa should perform the puja prior to wearing this bead to energize it and gain the positive effects of these beads. Wearer should make sure that the place of puja is clean. Wearer of the 4 mukhi rudraksha should take bath and also wear clean clothes. Wearer must face on the North-West direction during the puja. Apply gangajal and then wear the rudraksha. Now its wearer should concentrate on the mantra and he must chant the mantra correctly “OM HREEM NAMAH’ hundred and eight times. Wearer can wear the auspicious 4 mukhi rudraksha on the neck and as well as a bracelet, both works.


Precautions for Chaar Mukhi

1. A four Mukhi Rudraksha bought from a reputed dealer is only to be placed or worn in the puja room.

2. Only wear Abhimantrit Rudrakshas that have been energised using the exact technique outlined in the Jabalo Upanishad's Beej Mantra and Mool Mantra.

3. Subsequent to wearing Mala you must chant the Mantras below whenever you get the time throughout the day for energizing the Rudrakshas. Om Namah Shivaye and Om Hreeng Namah are two mantras. The right pronunciation of the word in mantra is Hreeng and not Hreem as generally people pronounce.

4. Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha should be capped with panchdhatu or silver or gold and should be placed at the worshipping place or worn as a bracelet or around the neck.

5. Sitting in the North West direction in the morning, near the window, after wearing 4-faced Rudraksha will rejuvenate Rudraksha in addition to you tremendously.

6. The day for wearing is Monday post taking a bath in morning before twelve noon. While wearing constantly chant the mantras mentioned above for three times or multiple of three times.

8. Whenever the wearer wears the 4 mukhi rudraksha bead, to make the correct use of it, the auspicious bead must touch the body of the wearer.



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