Check Perfect Name Matching For Marriage

How to check perfect name matching for marriage

When a kundli is paired with the bride and groom's help names, the initials, or more accurately the first sound words, are taken into account. Everything has been good up to this point. The bride and groom-to-be were then presumably named strictly according to the Nakshatra-based naming procedure. Once the bride and groom's respective Nakshatras have been determined. Then, at the Nakshatra level of marital compatibility, the marriage matching technique is used.

If all goes according to plan, we'll get horoscope matching results, which are only somewhat less accurate than kundli matching by date. However, there is an issue, as well as a significant risk of making a mistake. Who can guarantee that the bride and groom would be named according to Indian astrology's Nakshatra-based naming system? If neither of them, or any of them, is named according to these Nakshatra naming guidelines, the entire concept of horoscope matching will fall apart. And there will be no precise outcomes. From the point of view of modern times, where the English language is dominating, there are a lot of potential for mistakes. Keep in mind that naming based on the Nakshatras was not created for the English language. With this type of kundli matching, there is also a linguistic barrier.


Represents kundali matching without know date of birth details

The kundli milan by date of birth examines the compatibility aspects between the bride and groom in great detail. These factors could be the eight Koota factors from the Ashtakoot method of kundli matching or the ten Porutham factors from the Dashakoot approach.

While kundli matching by name relies on the Nakshatra level of compatibility and matchmaking, which is more accurate than horoscope matching by zodiac sign. The kundli matching by birth details, on the other hand, is more extensive.

Overall, kundli matching by name is similar to nakshatra matching, but it includes other factors such as mental compatibility, sexual compatibility, and so on. In a given situation, kundli matching by name can be beneficial. For example, two people were named according to the Nakshatra naming method in Indian astrology, but the birth details of either of them were lost by the time they reached marriageable age. In such circumstances, kundli matching by name might assist the couple and their families in determining their compatibility and married life.


Online name matching for marriage

Horoscope matching can be done in a variety of ways. The one based on the date, time, and location of birth is the most accurate. However, not everyone knows his or her date, time, or place of birth, and those who do are deprived of astrological benefits. There are a variety of online name matching tools accessible to assist these individuals.


Check the boy name and girl name for matching marriage

During the Kundali Milan by name, you only need the boy's and girl's current names. Because birth information, such as b time, can be off by minutes, it can be more accurate. As a result, it appears that matching people based on their names is the more accurate method. It is also a tried and true method for determining marriage compatibility. An astrologer can score numerous types of compatibilities, known as Koota, during Guna Milan (गुण मिलान). There are 36 Guna in these 8 Koota, which were taken in Janam Patrika Milan. Marriage can be successful if the compatibility is good.

Varna (वर्ण) - Work Congruence

 Vasya (वश्य) - Love Compatibility

Tara (तारा) - Destiny Compatibility

Yoni (योनि) - Mentality Harmony

Maitri (मैत्री) - Friendship Unison

Gana (गण) - Desire Consistency

Bhakoot (भकूट) - Daily Conduct Compatibility

 Nadi (नाड़ी) - Child Birth Relevancy


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