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Dusshera 2022 Puja Rituals | Vijaya Dashami

Vijaydashmi of the year 2022, or also known as Dusshera, falls on the Dashmi of the Shukla Paksha in the Ashwini month, which falls on the date of 5th of October. Dussehra is regarded as a sign of good triumphing over evil. Lord Rama, a dignified man, murdered Ravana on this day. As a result, it is known as Vijaya Dashami in many locations; nevertheless, Ravana is also adored in various parts of the country. Ma Durga had defeated the demon Mahishasura on this day. Before Dussehra, the Ramleela is a 14-day performance in which numerous characters portray the Leela or life of Lord Ram on stage. Ravana is murdered on the final day, and Ramleela comes to an end. The day of Dussehra is believed to be extremely auspicious, and hence if someone can choose an auspicious date for marriage, then they can also marry on this day which will be considered to be very fortunate.


Spiritual Significance of Vijaya Dasami 2022

It commemorates the day when Lord Rama defeated Ravana, Lanka's ten-headed evil ruler. This day also commemorates the death of Mahishasur, the demon king, who was assassinated by Goddess Durga on this day.

Durga was formed by the Gods by combining their spiritual energies in order to produce an ultimate ‘shakti' capable of annihilating Mahishasur, according to legend.

This day commemorates Goddess Durga's return to Kailash following a ten-day stay at her parents' home on Earth. Mother Durga and her four children—Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartikeya, and Ganesha—visit their paternal home every year.

Jaya and Vijaya, two of her'sakhis,' or companions, accompany her. In Mahabharata, Vijaya Dashami commemorates the Pandavas' victory over the Kauravas and the end of their exile. It also marks the start of the harvest celebration in India.


Puja Rituals for Vijaydashmi or Dussehra in 2022

During the Dussehra or Vijaydashmi festival, get up early, take a bath, and then build spherical jars out of cow dung that you can keep in the courtyard. As the image of Lord Shiva and his sons and brothers in these vessels.  One must place silver and wet paddy in these 4 utensils, and now cover them with a cloth, and worship with flowers, incense sticks and then pray to God with a pure heart. After you are finished with the worshipping, provide food to the Brahmins and the ones in need, serve them meals, and then after that you can eat too.


Dussehra 2022 Festival Date and Shubh Muhurat

The auspicious period of the Ravana Dahan is on the date October 5th, 2022, Dashmi Tithi start at 14:20 (4th October) Dashami Tithi Ends- 11:59 (5th October). It signifies that Ravana Dahan (Dussehra Festival) is only 46 minutes long. Ravana Dahan (Dussehra Festival) symbolises the triumph of good over evil. India's Best Dussehra Celebration. On the day of Dussehra, numerous localities burn effigies of Ravana, Meghnath, and Kumbhakaran. Dussehra celebrations in Himachal Pradesh's Kullu, Mysore, Delhi, and Ambala's Barada are spectacular. Dussehra is rarely celebrated in the same joyful manner in other parts of the world as it is in Kullu. It is celebrated at such a great levek that its magnificence can only be appreciated after one witnesses it.

In the Kullu's Dhalpur field, the Dussehra festival is held for seven days. People go from all over the world to attend the Dhalpur Fair, which is also attended by the local Gods and Goddesses. Dussehra is celebrated with considerable ceremony in Mysore, Karnataka. Large elephants are decorated and processions are held in the vibrant metropolis. The festival of Dussehra begins with a puja at the Chamundeswari temple, which attracts large crowds. The Dussehra celebrations in Delhi are unique and exceptional; enormous statues of Ravan, Kumbhakaran, and Meghnath are erected on this day.

Preparations for this big event have been on for a long time, and key figures such as the prime minister and chief minister have lit the fuse. The grandeur of the effigies burned in Ramlila Maidan and Subhash Park in Delhi can only be observed. Let us now discuss Ambala's Barada Park's Dussehra. Every year at Ambala's Barada, the tallest effigy of Ravana is burned. Barada's Ravan has been listed in the Limca Book of Records five times. Ravana's effigy stood 210 feet tall last year, making it the country's tallest Ravana statue.

This day commemorates the end of Golu, a festival observed in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala in Southern India. During this time, Goddess Durga is worshipped as Devi Chamundeshwari.

On this day, youngsters are also initiated to formal education in schools. The devotion of books on Navami day comes before this. Ayudha Puja is the name of this puja.

There is an age-old tradition in some parts of Andhra Pradesh of offering Shami tree leaves to seniors as a sign of respect. 

Other notable festivals include Theppotsavam, a boat festival held in the Krishna River at this time.

Other notable festivals include Theppotsavam, a boat festival held in the Krishna River at this time.

This day is observed as the last day of Durga Puja in West Bengal. Goddess Durga's idols are immersed in the river, symbolising the Goddess's return to Kailash.


Dates of Vijaya Dashami festival between the year 2018 & 2028




19th of October, Friday


8th of October, Tuesday


25th of October, Sunday


15th of October, Friday


4th of October, Tuesday


24th of October, Tuesday


12th of October, Saturday


2nd of October, Thursday


20th of October, Tuesday


9th of October, Saturday


27th of September, Wednesday



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