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Gun Milan/Horoscope Matching in Astrology

In marriages in India, Gun Milan or Horoscope matching is an important aspect. In Gun Milan in astrology Matching, all the important aspects of Married life like love, nature, progeny, etc.  are taken in cognizance to give scores of Kundli matching. This also had importance as in arranged marriages, the two-person were not known to each other, and So Kundli provides a mirror of their nature, attitude, and temperament. This also gives insights into the future of the individual.

In today’s context, the Gun Milan is even more important due to less resistance, changing lifestyle and independence of both partners. In today’s marriage compatibility is a very important aspect. Friendly relationship between both partners and mutual respect makes married life smooth.

In Gun Milan, 8 points are considered as -

1. Varna in Guna Milan:

It has 1 point. It reflects occupational compatibility. It shows persons' inherent skills and aptitude towards the occupation. E.g., one person likes stability in occupation and other needs variability in work. E.g., Brahmin Varna shows the person putting a philosophical approach in carrying out domestic affairs where Shudra Varna shows person-putting lots of efforts in carrying out the tasks. It shows whether the attitude towards work is compatible or not.

2. Vasya in Guna Milan:

It has 2 points.It reflects the dominance in the relationship. A marriage relationship works best when both the partners appreciate each other and have regards for opinion of its partner. Low points in these shows either partners dominating and disregarding the opinion of other.

3. Tara in Guna Milan :

It has 3 points.It indicates Destiny. It shows mutual love and compatibility. It also shows how both will react in adverse conditions and whether they are capable of handling every situation.


4. Yoni in Guna Milan:

  It has 4 points. It shows Mentality, the thought process and mind set. The Yoni point indicates whether the mind se5. Maitri in Guna Milanit of both the partner will create harmony in relationship or will cause conflict. It also reflects whether the person will be introvert or will have colorful personality.

5. Maitri in Guna Milani:

It has 5 points. Maitri shows the compatibility between the rasi lord of both the partners. Rasi lord shows where there will be friendly relationship between couple .It indicates friendship, behavior and coordination between couple. Likes and disliking between couples are indicates through Maitri.

6. Gana in Guna Milan:

It has 6 points. There are three Guna, Deva, Manas and Rakshasha. As the name reflects the guna also shows temperament .Deva Guna means the person is idealistic, introvert, god fearing and sublime. Rakshasha guna means person is aggressive and practical. Manas have medium characteristic of both. The best match is between same Gana and the worst match is between Manas and Rakshasha.

7. Bhakut in Guna Milan :

It has 7 points. Bhakut reflects Love between partners. It is interpreted based on the moon sign. It shows the emotional compatibility between couple. It indicates sensitivity of both the partner towards each other emotional needs.

8. Nadi in Guna Milan :

It has 8 points. Nadi is decided based on Nakshatra. There are 21 nakshatra; they are divided into 3 groups –Aadi, Madhya, and Antya. Nadi shows the physical compatibility. It shows the heath and prominence of certain element. In modern context, same Nadi person have generally same blood group. It is important from the point of view of progeny, as the progeny health will be affected if same element is more dominant.

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