Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta positions as the 13th nakshatra, in the zodiac consisting of 27 birth stars. The glitteringly powerful arena of ‘Surya deva’ –the governing deity, as its power source, it is controlled by planetary power of the moon.

Basic Information About Hasta Nakshatra

It is present in the centre of zodiac of Virgo, with a potent symbol of a fist. Hasta nakshatra owns the generic characteristics of luster, luminosity, brilliance, strength, beauty and knowledge, as the inherent power from its planetary and divine lord. It is not only symbolized by a fist but also embodies its strength, togetherness and power in character. Hasta nakshatra stands for conquest, knowledge, wisdom and control, projecting the magical sway of hand.

General Characteristics Of Hasta Nakshatra

Natives who are born under the influence of hasta nakshatra have the attributes of sincerity, loyalty and kindness in their personality. These natives are also appreciated for their sprightliness, exuberance and generosity. They are gigantic, personable and robust in their appearance, they also emanate strength, calmness and savoir faire in their attributes. In addition to which they are kind, helpful and are also oriented towards craftsmanship and actions.

Their behavioral traits display the perfect example of firmness and constancy of purpose. They have the strength to exercise power and control, using their generosity and action. It is atypical of Hasta natives to overpower by way of duress. On the other hand they will use their intrinsic characteristics of wisdom, action and knowledge to control a situation. Thus are exceptionally fine tuned in their behavior and dealing.Although they possess calm composure, they do exhibit firmness and independence in their decisions.One of their major positive traits is their ability to win people and situations, along with the fact they will have close familial bodings.Quick wittedness, self restraint, fidelity and strength of intellect count as their other positive traits. They also incorporate their inherent ability to inspire and motivate people.

In their readiness to control people and situations, they might botch it all up and become extremely dominating and brutal. Besides this Hasta nakashatra’s natives may be susceptible to rude a sympathetic and insensitive behavior and these contribute as their major negative traits. At times, in order to penalize the delinquent, they resort to dangerously cunning ways. Which is also one of their negative traits.

Career Options For Hasta Nakshatra Natives

As these natives possess leadership qualities they are exceptionally perfect for entrepreneurship and business related careers. Using their wisdom, craftsmanship and skills they reach to the top grade ranks and designations. Careers centred on counseling and consultancy suits them. And with their enormous skills and craftsmanship, technical lines and art related careers are also suited to them. With the reconciliation tendency of theirs, mediating and settlement of disputes based opportunities are also good enough for them.

 Hasta Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

On the account of phallic connection, Hasta nakshatra is most compatible with Svati nakshatra. While female buffalo represents the hasta nakshatra, male buffalo represents Svati nakshtra. Besides its compatibility to Revati and Bharani nakshatras, it's also compatible with Uttara Phalguni and Uttarabhadrapada nakshatras. Krittika and Pushyami nakshatras are compatible as well. Which is because of buffaloes’ phallic compatibility to elephant, cow and sheep.

On the accounts of theory of obstruction, it is not compatible to Shatabhisak nakshatra. Since buffaloes show spontaneous hostility towards horse, both male and female stars represented by horse are incompatible to it. And plus to that Ashwini nakshatra is also incompatible to Hasta nakshtra.


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