Jupiter in 7th house


Jupiter in 7th house For Aries ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Libra Sign and rules 9th & 12th house. Spouse brings the entire 9th house’s higher knowledge into relationship. Spouse works like a teacher or guide. Spouse can be relationship counselor simultaneously and counseling will be on philosophical/religious point. For a girl, spouse will be of different culture. Spouse brings lots of luck and wealth into marriage.


Jupiter in 7th house For Taurus ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Scorpio Sign and rules 8th & 11th house. This exhibits a spouse who is very wise and intelligent. Spouse is from a prosperous family. Spouse brings all the wisdom in the marriage. This may even exhibit spouse as an occultist. Spontaneous events may come into marriage but with wisdom spouse will keep the relation going. In-Laws will be extremely religious.


Jupiter in 7th house For Gemini ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Sagittarius Sign and rules 7th & 10th house. It exhibits a highly religious spouse. A highly religious native who believes in performing all the rites and rituals associated with his religion. Simultaneously, they are very wise and someone with higher knowledge. It’s like marrying to a professor or a religious scholar. Spouse works like a mentor to the native. A really good position for relationship.


Jupiter in 7th house For Cancer ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Capricorn Sign, where it is debilitated and rules 6th & 9th house. If Jupiter is closer to real degrees of debilitation, then it exhibits that native doesn’t feel 100% about the spouse. As a profitable planet, Jupiter still provides the marriage but doubts occur later about it. In Jupiter AD and MD, it can lead to some conflicts between couple. Simultaneously, it exhibits someone working as Lawyer.


Jupiter in 7th house For Leo ascendant

Here, Jupiter and sits in 7th house in Aquarius Sign and rules 5th & 8th house. This exhibits someone who gets into education of technical and scientific research and desires to take it to the community for the common good. In jobs, natives may be working into large association in finance associated field. Native can also do a finance related business. In relation, they desire their partner to be a Guru or guide to them.


Jupiter in 7th house For Virgo ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Pisces Sign and rules 4th & 7th house. Most profitable Jupiter is in own sign Pisces in the 7th house. It exhibits that not only the native gains finance and property from spouse but spouse is also highly spiritual person and guides the person like a Guru in their life. It is a more of a spiritual relation with spouse more than a romantic one.


Jupiter in 7th house For Libra ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Aries Sign and rules 3rd & 6th house. As Jupiter symbolizes knowledge, guidance and wisdom, this is one of the finest positions in 7th house, especially for girl. Here spouse becomes source of wisdom and the guiding force. It also exhibits good prosperity from spouse and luck & happiness in married life.


Jupiter in 7th house For Scorpio ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Taurus Sign and rules 2nd & 5th house. Jupiter and Venus are swapping energy like the earlier one. Since Jupiter is the most profitable planet, it blesses the married life but simultaneously it is not too affable in signs ruled by Venus. Therefore, it may give periodic disagreements but nothing serious. Spouse will have understanding to find out a harmonious way in such times. Spouse is very much in finance related business or finance field.


Jupiter in 7th house For Sagittarius ascendant

The Sagittarius ascendants of Jupiter, in 7th house are ruled by the Mercury ruled sign Gemini. Once again, as the most profitable planet, Jupiter makes it sure that native gets a good married life in the 7th house. Here, companion will be like a counselor or a guide to the native throughout their life. Spouse will be the one who teaches the actual meaning of their true self and how to thrive in the relation meaningfully. Spirituality, knowledge and wisdom are basis for this relation.


Jupiter in 7th house For Capricorn ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Cancer Sign, where it is exalted and rules 12th & 3rd house. This is finest position amongst all. Though Jupiter is practical malefic here but the reality that it is exalted, makes life simple in marriage subject. Native will have a spouse who is like a Guru, who is always ready to guide/counsel the person. Marriage profits will be extended like anything. Relationship will be based on high morals. A great placement, therefore not much to say.


Jupiter in 7th house For Aquarius ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Leo Sign and rules 11th & 2nd house. This exhibits someone who is like mentor/guide or Guru to spouse and partner. They will be in education or knowledge based business and that provides them position in life. This person primarily connects with others on the basis of their belief, knowledge etc. Therefore, you can observe Gurus or religious leaders with this position, who dictates the viewpoint of people with their guidance. A good placement for marital life where spouse will be like a guide to the native. Good wealth from friends, spouse and other people.


Jupiter in 7th house For Pisces ascendant

Here, Jupiter sits in 7th house in Virgo Sign and rules 10th & 1st house. This is another placement which can make you a lawyer since Jupiter is natural Karaka of the counselor, Sagittarius is also a sign associated with law and Virgo symbolizes conflicts, it definitely exhibits a counselor. Another work that it can exhibit is a teacher or professor. Native becomes kind of guru or guide to spouse and counsels them through life. They can be financial inquisitor too.


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