Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the own sign of Jupiter so naturally this position proves benefic for the native. Jupiter gives the native inclination towards religion and spirituality. Such people are compromising in nature. They also indulge in charity and social service. These people do well in fields such as astrology, banking, teaching, mentorship of some kind, counseling etc. They earn a lot of wealth in life. Luck always seems to favor them. They also come out winning in challenging situations and circumstances. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius also gives business acumen to the native. Sagittarius natives are usually fond of traveling and when Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius, the native usually travels to religious places and goes on pilgrimages. These natives have faith in their abilities. They also have a strong influence on others. They are determined souls who take their work seriously. They also have a strong interest in religious Vedic scriptures. They also like to read and study books related to religion and spirituality. These natives are justice loving and always stand for people in need.


Traits of Personality for Jupiter in Sagittarius

The Jupiter in Sagittarius individuals have a desire to travel, and will always prefer gaining knowledge through their experiences. They want to know whatever they can learn and what is beyond.

These individuals like growing friendships, and are known to be warm and friendly. They are extroverts who will help anyone in any situation, and they also can come off as being detached but they are individuals who have the ability to make friends with almost anyone. Individuals who do not know them find themselves drawn to their friendliness and the way they attract them towards their personality. These individuals also have the tendency to close off and will have to work on opening themselves to other individuals to maintain their relationships. 


Positive Traits of Jupiter in Sagittarius 

The Jupiter in Sagittarius also plays a vital role in education in the individual’s life. These individuals know that education is the building block that will help them grow in their life, and will also help them not only make wise decisions but also help them achieve their goals. They attract success and good luck where ever they go and they are able to see the changes in their life and accept these changes. They are not attached to their opinions unlike a lot of people, and they believe in what they say during that time period. But they also understand that with time and experience, the opinions of an individual would change, and they prefer knowing the thoughts and perspectives of others before putting forth their own.  

They also like researching and discovering the various factors that would influence their opinion before forming their own answer and thought. These are some of the ways through which they gather information and they are known to have strong convictions of the same. They believe in growth, and growing in life as experienced individuals who have not only gained wisdom and knowledge but also experiences and memories. 


Negative Traits of Jupiter in Sagittarius 

The Jupiter in Sagittarius finds it hard to deal with responsibilities and finds it hard to maintain a routine to follow. They do not like following structure and order and would rather explore life than take care of details and responsibilities. They are individuals who are always busy with multiple thoughts storming in their heads, which is why they also forget minute details which would be troublesome for them. They also try their best to slack off from the duties they have which often gets them into trouble. 


Effect of Jupiter in Sagittarius for love and relationship

This Jupiter transit is triggering the moksha houses, the fourth, eighth and twelfth, and it is not touching the houses for love. So, the chances of having a love relationship do not exist. However, if your mahadasa and antardasa support marriage or love, it can take place. The transit does not have the strength to generate any new event organically, so you should focus on your spiritual life. When Jupiter triggers the moksha bhava, you will have to work hard to interest love and romance. The planet is pushing you to be spiritual, and spirituality will be the main theme during this transit.

The family will be the core theme as Jupiter will be in the fourth house of home and family. This is the planet for expansion and magnification, so you will construct or renovate your home. Real estate deals and some repairing at home can come up. Family meetings and problem-solving sessions also will be a big part of this month. You may plan for relocation or long trips too. There are chances to buy new products for home and a better life. It can be a household item to improve your lifestyle. Family meetings and functions can also come up. This is also a time to take up additional responsibility at home, and there will be serious communications about this.


Effect of Jupiter in Sagittarius on Career

But it’s this very reason that can hinder Jupiter in Sagittarius sometimes because they are not good with routine or dealing with responsibilities. They would rather be out living life than taking care of mundane details. Besides, your career will go hand in hand with your gratitude. Basically, you have to thank God for the good health that you have. Equally, before you start your day, try to count out the good things that have happened in your life.



And as a fire sign, this is not a difficult task, for Jupiter in Sagittarius has the energy and conviction to make anything happen. While they may not think everything through, they always have a large circle of friends, family, and co-workers to help them get the job done. They are friendly and outgoing and love discussing ideas and philosophies with other people, so they are constantly adding more contacts. Equally, what is important in life is how you live.




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