Karana In Panchang


Karana In Panchang

What’s (करण) Karana. The Hindu Panchang possess five distinct limbs. First one is a date, (tithi), second one is day (war), 3rd nakshatra, 4th is yoga and 5th Karana. An Mangal or propitious work is started only post calculation of these 5 punching organs. Let's tell you about Karana. What number of karana are there, what are the names, what's the importance of Karana in good deeds, within which Karana is fulfilled or not?

 Half the tithi is named Karana. It's established on a lunar day or tithi. One Karana gets completed when the moon completes 6 degrees. That means, there are 2 Karanas present in 1 tithi. One Karana also ends with termination of the tithi. One Karana is within the 1st half and the other is within the 2nd half. Astrology states a total of 11 sorts of Karanas.  All of them repeat in certain order throughout the lunatic month of 30. Seven Karana comes eight times in two Pakshas, which are 56 in total.

The rest of the four Karanas come in a precise process. Thus, one lunatic moth features a total of 60 Karana. Karana has 11 sorts of names: Bava, Balava, Kaulav, Taytil, Gar, Vanija, Vishti, Shakuni, Chatushpad, Nag and Kistughan. Within the 2nd half of the Krishna paksha, the Chaturdashi, the 14th day, Shakuni in Uthardhar (in 1st half), Chatushpad in Purvadhra or 2nd half of Amavasya, the Uttardha of the name in Amavasya, and Pratipadha of Shukla Paksha, are Kistughan Karanas. Vishti Karana is named Bhadra when it's considered to be restricted to try and do any auspicious work. All of these 11 Karanas have an effect on the birth of man.


Type, temperament and effect of Karana

 1. Bava Karana

Claimed by astrology, the natives born in Bava Karana are spiritually inclined. they're fascinated by the work of dharma-karma. In any work, the natives of Bava karana attempt to make 100 percent effort. The lion is regarded as the symbol of Karana. The properties of the Bava Karana are homogeneous and its state is childhood.


2. Balava Karana

 Balava Karana gives a spiritual nature. Natives born in Balava Karana are abundantly into worship and spend their time visiting pilgrimage places. Balava Karana is additionally variable like Bava Karana. Its symbol is Cheetah. Balava Karana is taken into account to be youth and is taken into account to be sitting within the state.


 3. Kaulava Karana

 Kuala Karana, folks are sociable. They easily make friends with anyone. The natives of Kaulava Karana have a love for others and also are adept at caring for others. This is a variable Karana. It's considered to be a bristle symbol. Kaulava Karana is taken into account to be a higher level of Karna giving the most effective results.


4. Taitila Karana

 If you're born in Taytil Karana, you're considered lucky. A person with a Taytil Karna doesn't lack wealth. They spend a wealthy life and also own plenty of wealth. Love plays a crucial role within the lives of such people. This karana is variable. Its symbol is considered to be a donkey. It’s considered to be a Karana of ominous fruitful dormant state.


5. Gar Karana

The folks of Gar Karana are very punctual. They prefer to have a disciplined life. Natives of Gar Karana always possess destiny that favors them. In fulfilling any work that they're determined to try and do, the natives of Gar Karana exert themselves to accomplish it. It is also variable. Its symbol is found to be an elephant. It considered to be mature and is additionally considered to be sitting in its state.


 6. Vanija Karana

The folks of the Vanija are intelligent and smart. They’re fascinated by business. They use their intelligence within the field of earning money. It is also variable. Its symbol is found to be a cow. The stage of the Vanija is additionally considered to be sitting.


 7. Vishti or Bhadra Karana

 It’s not considered to be fortunate. Folks born during this Karana are involved in bad deeds and their image also remains negative due to this. The Karana is taken into account to be ominous and is avoided in any auspicious work. It is also variable. Its symbol is considered to be a hen. It brings medium results. The state of the Karna is taken into account to be sitting.


4 Fixed Karanas in Panchang

 1. Shakuni

The folks born in Shakuni Karana are law-abiding and jurists. They’re most fascinated by solving any problems. The natives of Shakuni Karana easily get rid of any quarrel with their own cleverness. This is a fixed Karana. Its symbol is taken into account to be a bird. Its state is higher but is found to be a normal result-giving Karana.


 2. Chatushpada

Chatushpada Karana transmits spirituality among family and relatives. They respect the learned saints/educated people. They’re also at the forefront in helping animals. These natives are animal-loving and this is why people born during this Karana become successful animal veterinarians. Chatushpada karana is also a fixed Karana. It's symbolized as a four-legged animal. Its result's normal. The state of this Karana found to be dormant.


3. Nag

The folks born in Nag Karana have extraordinary knowledge concerning a particular field. These native are expected to be faced with unlikable events. With labor and determination, they will achieve success in everything they are doing. This karana also incorporates a fixed status. Its symbol is found to be a snake or a serpent. Its fruit is normal. Nag Karana’s state is dormant.


4. Kistughan

The folks of Kistughan Karana are very fortunate. They’re fascinated by the work of charity-virtue. People born In Kistughan Karana receive all types of satisfaction in their lives. They need a decent education and lead an excellent, rich life. It's a fixed Karna. Its symbols are considered to be insect-moths. Kistughan Karana bears normal fruits to the people born in it. The state of the Kistughan Karana is upward facing.


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