Ketu in Aquarius

Ketu in Aquarius

Ketu in Aquarius

The second shadow planet is Ketu. It's thought to be the dragon's body's tail. Ketu in Aries has a highly attractive physical aspect. Nevertheless, Ketu will rule over Aries in this situation and retain most of its strength. With Mars, Aries' governing planet, Ketu has an extremely cordial relationship. Ketu in Aries has a pleasing appearance as a result of this. Experts and professional astrologers, however, the contend that Ketu's position in Aries produces conflicting effects on all residents; it consists of both good and the bad side.

Saturn is also the ruling planet of an Aquarius, and the two planets get along well. Detachment from materialism is symbolized by Saturn, and spiritual emancipation is represented by Ketu. Those with Ketu in Aquarius are very intelligent and aware of life's realities. Even yet, they find it difficult to control their desires. Ketu in Aquarius causes a person to have unending desires. Both Saturn and Aquarius have a connection to charitable work. The position of Ketu makes one's propensity for doing good deeds even worse. Ketu is an airy planet, and when it is in Aquarius, the native has a propensity for making irrational plans and having pointless ambitions. 

The native is also more susceptible to ear-related issues because of the Ketu's position. Success in life comes to these folks, but much later. They have a stern and unyielding disposition. It is really challenging to persuade people to modify their minds. Natives also have a history of health problems in their families. Their friendships and interactions with their own children aren’t particularly strong. For these natives, income instability is also a possibility. Additionally, Ketu in Aquarius increases the likelihood of international travel.


Traits of Personality for Ketu in Aquarius

While they are dominated by the planets Saturn and Uranus, Saturn is regarded as a planet of detachment from materialistic things and pleasures, therefore people with the planet Ketu in Aquarius are known to be spiritual. Natives are thought to be well-educated and cognizant of life's facts, but they nonetheless struggle to control their wants. The fact that Ketu is regarded as an airy planet causes people to frequently make irrational plans that cannot be carried out and even pursue goals that are unattainable.

While many individuals believe that success and prosperity come to them effortlessly, this isn’t the case. Instead, it takes them a long time to succeed, as well as numerous obstacles and hardships. It is very difficult to convince someone with Ketu in Aquarius to change their opinion once they have made up their mind about something. Their relationships with their children are poor, they have a number of inherited health issues, and they lack confidence in their ability to make ends meet. 


Positive Traits of Ketu in Aquarius 

Positive characteristics of people with Ketu in Aquarius include their spiritual liberation, high level of education, and acute awareness of life's facts. Natives struggle with numerous problems despite having a high level of self-confidence. They are incredibly obstinate, especially when they have a goal in mind. They will do whatever it takes to see that goal through, and no one else will be able to convince them otherwise. Natives will aid in the home acquisition and also travel internationally. A person with Ketu in Aquarius is said to have a strong moral sense and to always choose the correct course.

Natives are frequently regarded as loner types who struggle to fit in with large groups, but they are natural leaders who can manage sizable organizations. Natives hardly ever have time for themselves because they are constantly focused on assisting others and seeing to their needs. 


Negative Traits of Ketu in Aquarius 

People with Ketu in Aquarius have a difficult time letting go, especially when their desires are involved. This is one of their bad attributes. They are obstinate and incredibly charitable, to the point that they don’t even consider whether they have the resources to support their endeavours. Natives have a reputation for making plans that fall through and for persistently pursuing unattainable goals. They are naturally quite obstinate and stubborn, and only after a very long period does they succeed. When Ketu is in Aquarius, these individuals can be tough to convince, especially when they are getting irritable. In particular when they feel insecure about their wealth, they are likely to have tense relationships with their friends and kids.


Effect of Ketu in Aquarius for love and relationship

Those who have Ketu in Aries typically struggle with self-doubt. These folks typically don't show their entire selves to others. They just divulge what they choose to. People with Ketu in Aries frequently appear aloof and removed from others. Such people will always be fearful and anxious in relationships. In the long run, this can potentially end the relationship. These individuals need to interact with others and have conversations with them rather than remaining alone. They can achieve this by choosing hobbies they are skilled at and like so they can feel at ease with others. Another objective for these folks is to not hide and instead share of themselves.


Effect of Ketu in Aquarius on Career

Ketu in Aquarius forces people to keep active tackling various issues. People with this combination tend to have strong levels of self-confidence. Ketu in Aquarius encourages travel abroad and aids in home acquisition. The locals are also negatively impacted by this in certain ways. They become distant in their attitudes and lack mental stability. They hold to and adhere to moral principles. Sometimes they are observed alone, and other times they are encircled by a large group of people. Such people are capable of managing enormous organizations. They put a lot of effort into achieving goals for others and hardly ever have time to attend to their own needs.



Although Ketu in Aquarius people have a tendency to be compassionate by nature, their obstinacy frequently gets them into difficulty that they might have avoided if they had just gone about their business.


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