Ketu in Taurus

Ketu in Taurus

Venus rules Taurus, which has a fair relationship with Ketu. Ketu is in an earth sign here, and in mythology, it is symbolised by the tail of a dragon. These individuals want movement and freedom of movement, but as Taurus is an earth sign, they remain anchored despite their desire to fly. Such individuals are always torn between the drive for movement and the need for stability due to the impulse that Ketu provides. The person also has a reflective mood when Ketu is in Taurus. These people are often quite disingenuous and enjoy talking a lot. These folks experience difficulties obtaining the luxuries and material comforts they desire.

The love life is further hampered by Ketu in Taurus. These folks also experience problems in their families. They frequently take erroneous turns in life that call for immoral behaviour. Despite having a tendency to be very loving, sympathetic, and caring, they sometimes have trouble receiving the same amount of affection from others. The native is also made drowsy by Ketu in Taurus. Such folks have a propensity to put things off. These inhabitants have a reputation for being bull-like in their stubbornness. They have a strong sense of ego, which makes it harder to establish connections.


Traits of Personality for Ketu in Taurus

Ketu's position in Taurus brings about a lot of change in people's life, especially in terms of money because people will go through times of adversity as well as times of tremendous prosperity. In addition, these people will have direct access to the greatest wealth and materialism in the world. These people seek for pleasure and more pleasure with an insatiable lust.

Ketu's influence in Taurus might cause people to act inappropriately and make them more obstinate and haughty in their behaviour. These people dislike their relationships, but they are powerless to leave them. These people are conscious of the unsettling impacts of turbulence as well as unity and tranquillity. The person in this position is attempting to accept the drastic changes taking place in both his surroundings and the world at large. They would want to think that their soul's journey was over. They want to pay the price because they are tired of recalling their worldly burden from earlier worldly memories. As a result, it seems that creating the competences necessary for transformation will be difficult.

On a larger scale, these people share a behaviour pattern from long ago that was beneficial to them in previous lives. They have a reputation for working hard to achieve their goals.


Positive traits of Ketu in Taurus  

Ketu caused more harm than good in Taurus. You'll feel rushed, which will affect how you make decisions. It is advised that you exercise forbearance and read the documentation before actually making any financial decisions; you will take care of your spouse's health. While you and your spouse may have some arguments, you will be able to control the situation with the help of senior citizens' prayers. To retain your wellness, you must receive enough rest. Make sure to give your collaborative initiative additional thought. With Ketu in Taurus, there is a good chance that you will have a job that demands frequent travel or relocation from your place of birth. This is furthered by Rahu's influence on family harmony in the fourth house. Your Rashi and the elements of the 4th and 10th houses also have a role in determining the precise effect. 


Negative traits of Ketu in Taurus  

In the Taurus Zodiac, Ketu presents another obstacle in terms of romance. These individuals also experience issues in their families. They regularly make bad decisions in life, which calls for unethical behaviour. Despite being incredibly kind, empathetic, and caring, they don't always experience the same level of kindness and care from other people. Ketu in the Taurus Zodiac makes a person uninteresting. Such people have a tendency to be late. These native folks have the stubbornness of a bull at times. By embracing the difficulties in maintaining contact, ego shapes the character of the individual.  


Effect of Ketu in Taurus for love and relationship

A Taurus's love life is likewise hampered by Ketu. These folks also experience problems in their families. They frequently make poor life choices that necessitate immoral jobs. Even though they are exceedingly loving, compassionate, and kind, they find it difficult to receive the same amount of affection. The Taurus zodiac sign is dulled by Ketu. These people have a propensity for putting things off. These locals can occasionally be as obstinate as a bull. Ego also significantly affects the character of relationships by adding to the difficulties in maintaining them.


Effect of Ketu in Taurus on Career

Taurus is a sign that experiences a lot of poverty, therefore Ketu in Taurus may cause changes in the sign's way of life. Additionally, people will be more vulnerable to wealth and the materialistic aspects of the world. People like this are known to have a hunger-like yearning for material comfort and pleasure. They will be discovered to be leading in their immoral course rather than still possessing an egoistic character. Due to the lack of harmony and tranquilly, they will be seen to have instability in their mental condition. They could feel uneasy as a result of the tightening of relationships, yet they are unable to leave because of these relationships.



Ketu's stay in the Taurus area would bring about significant changes in the residents' lives, notably in terms of prosperity, as they would go through times of extreme wealth and adversity. In addition, these individuals would be highly attracted to material success and prosperity. These people have an inexhaustible thirst for pleasure and amusement.

The influence of Ketu in Taurus might make the natives more obstinate and greedy while also making them unethical. These people dislike being committed to relationships, but they find it difficult to avoid them. These people are believed to represent insecurity, as well as a lack of calm and harmony.

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