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Know about planet Moon in Vedic astrology

Moon is the nearest and the only satellite of the planet earth, and it shows extreme impact upon human life. It is known for the ruler of emotions, it is the best representation of an individual's inner Profundity, instincts, mood swings, emotions, feelings, and behavior. If sun rules over our spirit and soul, then Moon rules over our inner emotions and mind.

In Vedic Astrology, Moon is the symbol of the goddess, that taking care of us from the very beginning of life in the form of our mother. Moon is the best symbolization of Mother, Femininity, care, love, sensitivity, compassion, and relationship between child & mother. A native of the moon turns out as best parents in the universe.

According to Uttara kalamrita, a strong Moon will be good for the mentioned significations and weak will causes deficiency of the same. These significations are as follows: Mother, worship of Gauri, Pearls, Mind, Muhurta or 48 minutes duration, Intelligence, Salt, Perfumes, Fondness of Curd, Hidden of ulcerous troubles in the stomach, Strong at night, Woman, Sleep, Happiness, Liquids, Malarial fever, One who does tapas or penance, Eating, Facial Lustre, Good Fruits, Fish and other Aquatic beings, clothes.

A strong moon considered as a person is emotionally and mentally strong. Such a person is capable of creating an emotional connection with others and has a good concentration. Strong moon natives are supportive and loving. They think of others' before their own comforts or needs.

A weak moon considered as a person is mentally and emotionally weak, laughs a lot, cries a lot, and has no control over their senses. Such a person deals with a lot of problems, on the mental level and emotional level. As the moon is representative of fertility and bodily fluids, the weak moon in horoscope causes issues related to blood, health, milk, lungs, breast and reproductive system.

Some Astronomical facts related to Moon

It is the only natural satellite of Earth and takes around one month to complete its orbit journey around the Earth and you might be surprised by knowing, the period of orbit journey is associated with femininity and fertility cycle. Moon gravitational force is higher than earth that is why it causes the tides in the oceans, which is directly related to our emotions. 

Stay or Transit in each sign

60 hours/2.5 days Approximately



 Metal related




 Lucky Day




 Nature of Temperament

Calm, peaceful & Cold


 Female & femininity

 Ruling or most affected body part

Bodily Fluids

 Status in Imperial Stars


 Friends planets

Sun, Mars, Jupiter

 Enemies Planets

Ketu, Saturn(sometime) & Rahu

 Neutral relationship

Mercury, Venus, Saturn

 Own Sign/ Ruler with sign


 Exalted sign


 Debilitated sign


 MoolTrikon (Moolank)


Mahadasha Period(Vimshottaridasha Period)

 10 years

Moon signifies(Good manner)

Imagination & Intelligence

Moon signifies (Bad manner)

A feeling of jealousy, depression and arrogant

Relation Affected Most/ Karak



Fishing, navy, water-related, cotton textile, music composition, poetry, beauty profession, sculpture, drawing, Liquid, dairy products, etc.



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