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Know about Planet Rahu in Vedic astrology

As we all know very well that planets play a very important role in our life. According to astrology science, all events happen in our life based on the situation of planets in our horoscope (Kundali). According to ancient scriptures, every human being is connected to Vedic astrology and all the up and downs happen in our life according to the horoscope, so the significance of planets in our life is more important.  According to astrology, Rahu is a shadowy planet in Vedic astrology. Rahu is not an actual plant like soon or moon, it is just like a resource point in the sky. It means that it doesn't have a physical presence in the sky but its impact on the human being is powerful and so deep.

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is considered as Grahas with no physical existence. There is the only calculation for Rahu which has extensive influence on the native of earth. It is the intersection point of the sun (body) and moon (mind) to give extensive effect.

According to Uttara Kalamrita, strong Rahu is good for below mentioned and weak Rahu shows the opposite effect. These significations are as follows: Worship of Durga, Faulty Logic, Harsh speech, Falsehood, Outcaste, an irreligious person, visit to a foreign country, Unclean, Bones, abdominal ulcers, serpents, Old age, Maternal grandfather, Writing Urdu or Persian (Because these two languages start from right-hand side, written in reversed manner, which is retrograde or Apsavya move, Breathing, Southwestern direction, and Acute duodenal pain.

With strong or positive Rahu in the horoscope, gives to a human being victory over all enemies but there is one problem with positive Rahu in the horoscope and that is a sense of dissatisfaction because Rahu makes a human being never satisfied with his/her goals, gain, ambitions, success, property, etc. Rahu always creates insatiable hunger for more and also develop unconscious desire. A native of Rahu become emotionally satisfied, popularity and property, live the high lifestyle.

Not only positive but also with negative Rahu dosha in horoscope, create many unstable and dangerous situations, which is the dark side of human character and relates to spiritual power conversely. A native of Rahu become manipulative, selfish, perplexed, ignorant, and uncultured. They lost their identity. With weak or negative Rahu in the horoscope, create misunderstanding situations, create difficulties in life.

Some Astronomical facts related to Rahu:

Rahu is related to the dark side of human character, ambition, fear, unconscious desire, pleasures, and weird behavior.

Stay or Transit in each zodiac

 1.6 year or 18 months approximate

 Direction related

 North lunar node

 Metal related




 Lucky Day

 Wednesday, Saturday

 Ruling Color

 Black, Smokey

Friends planets

Jupiter, Venus, Saturn

Enemy Planets

Sun, Moon



Nature of Temperament




Ruling or most affected Body Part

 Upper body

 Own Sign/ ruler with zodiac


 Exalted sign


 Debilitated sign


MahadashaPeriod (VimshottariDasha period)

 18 Years

Relation affected or gained most/ Karak

 In-laws, Ancestors


Physiotherapy, alcohol trade & manufacturing, Speculation, diplomatic work, photography, Xerox, stockbroking, homeopathy, information technology, poisons, politics, etc.

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