Mars in 2nd House

Mars in 2nd House

Mars in 2nd House


Mars in Aries 

If Mars rules the Ascendant through the sign of Aries and sits in the second house in Taurus, it denotes an individual who is ambitious in their pursuit of riches. They want to safeguard and hoard the family fortune. Mars is a natural malefic planet, so it represents someone who may have financial problems and fights with families, especially with siblings, as Mars represents brothers. Since Mars also governs the 8th house for the Aries Ascendant, it indicates that everyone in the family will inherit money after death. It also depicts a number of unexpected incidents that occur in the household.


Mars in Taurus 

Mars governs the 12th and 7th houses in Taurus and remains in the 2nd house in Gemini if the ascendant is Taurus. It also depicts tension and disagreements among family members, especially among brothers, over wealth and properties, which degrades the family's climate. Since Mars is still a malefic planet in an enemy sign, it indicates that an individual might be a spendthrift who is unable to save his money.


Mars in Gemini 

If the ascendant is Gemini, Mars rules the 11th and 6th houses and is debilitated of the 2nd house in Cancer. This reveals a lot of disagreements and tension in the family over money, which could lead to a battle between siblings. If Mars is not in the debilitation degree, it indicates someone who makes rash decisions, particularly when it comes to family business.


Mars in Cancer

Mars thrives in Leo and Capricorn because these two signs signify the government, and Mars, like a soldier, needs to work with the government. As a result, everyone in the government's defense/security forces will see this. It may even present a lawyer, a government spokesperson, or a motivational speaker, for example.


Mars in Leo

Mars governs the 9th and 4th houses and resides in the 2nd house in the Virgo symbol if the ascendant is Leo. Since Mars is a malefic planet in an enemy symbol, it indicates that an individual is involved in family feuds over financial matters. This will result in a very stern tone. Additionally, since the 9th house is related to law, Virgo represents conflicts, and Mars is a fighter, this may lead to a career as a lawyer. As a result, it clearly depicts an individual who has amassed riches by the practice of law.


Mars in Virgo

If the ascendant is Virgo, Mars rules the 8th and 3rd houses and sits in Libra's 2nd house. Since Mars is in a neutral symbol, it indicates that any unexpected incidents or injuries may have had an effect on the family climate. It also demonstrates that, despite your best efforts to protect and safeguard your family, there are still disagreements and fights within the family, especially among brothers. Because of Mars' destructive and dominant personality, his focus goes towards keeping an equilibrium in the family climate, but this may not be possible.


Mars in Libra 

If the ascendant is Libra, Mars rules the 7th and 2nd houses and sits in Scorpio's 2nd house. It indicates that the partner will have a domineering personality while still serving as a family and wealth guardian. Given that Mars is in his own symbol, this isn't a bad placement. Even when couples disagree, the goal is still the wellbeing of the family. The spouse will still believe that it is his responsibility to protect his kin. Here, Mars plays a defensive rather than a destructive role.


Mars in Scorpio 

If the ascendant is Scorpio, Mars rules the 6th and 1st houses and lies in the 2nd house in the Sagittarius symbol. It depicts a person who is adamant about using his higher education, theory, and law to defeat his enemies and overcome obstacles. It depicts someone with a charismatic speaking style who gains riches by his words. Since Mars represents both property and loans, it depicts someone taking out a loan in order to acquire wealth so that he may purchase land or a house. The individual will talk in a combative manner.


Mars in Sagittarius 

If the ascendant is in Sagittarius, Mars rules the 5th and 12th houses and is elevated in the 2nd house in Capricorn. Since Mars is exalted, they will never lie to win. They can be very disciplined individuals. They will act as a family protector and a guardian of their wealth.


Mars in Capricorn 

Mars governs 4th and 11th houses in Capricorn and stays in 2nd house in Aquarius if the ascendant is Capricorn. Mars' current status would have both positive and negative consequences. This reveals a tense relationship with his brother over certain property issues. There's even a hostile atmosphere and family squabbles. Around the same time, these individuals become guardians or protectors of their families and assets. They will make a lot of money in the real estate industry.


Mars in Aquarius 

If the ascendant is Aquarius, Mars rules the 3rd and 10th houses and sits in the 2nd house in Pisces. It demonstrates that a person's energies and behaviour are directed toward activities such as Yoga and Martial Arts, and that he makes money with these skills. They would be more of a wealth defender than a wealth creator.


Mars in Pisces 

Mars governs the second and ninth houses and stays in the second house in the Aries symbol if the ascendant is Pisces. While this individual values and protects his or her family and possessions, he or she lacks the ability to develop wealth because Mars does not share this mentality. Since Mars is a normal malefic world, it represents someone who sees a lot of family fights and arguments over the money.

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