Meaning of Angarak Yog

Meaning of angarak yog

When Rahu and Mars are conjunct in any house of the kundali, angarak dosha is established. When Rahu and Mars are in a malefic position in the natal chart, this dosha has negative and detrimental implications.

Mars and Rahu are both malefic planets, hence their conjunction is a major dosha in and of itself. Angarak symbolises fire, which is the nature of mars, in the "angarak dosha." Heat and aggressiveness are other problems for the natives.


Positive effects of angarak yog

·  If the planets are in good shape, the native will be drawn to politics and succeed.

·  The native will prosper and accomplish tremendous heights if he is very hardworking and active.

·  In business relationships, the native will make a lot of money.

·  If Bhagya Paksha and the Lagna lord are favourable, the native will be thriving.


Negative effects of angarak yog

When Rahu and Mars become malefic, the following consequences occur.

·  If the native chooses politics, he will not be at ease.

·  In property matters, the native will face challenges.

·  The native will be aggressive, causing family members to be abruptly separated.

·  It is unlucky for the native to be lethargic, belligerent, or egotistical.

·  The local will be angry and short-tempered, giving rise to ideas of vengeance and negativity in him.

·  Female natives would speak in a taunting and aggressive tone, which could lead to an unsatisfactory marriage.

·  Due to misunderstandings in business, the native will lose.

·  The indigenous people will be denied access to ancestral land.

·  The individual will have a lot of difficulties.

·  The native will be required to see doctors and lawyers on a regular basis.

·  The native may experience stomach issues.

·  If the Lagna Lord and Bhagya Paksha are weak, the native would lose everything.

·  The native's mother may die young or be unwell for the majority of her life.


Remedies for angarak yog

·  Honey should be consumed three times each day on a regular basis by the individual.

·  Offer sindoor to Lord Hanuman as a form of worship.

·  By worshipping Lord Ganesha, the local may be able to minimise the malefic consequences.

·  Worship Laxmi, Saraswati, and Lord Shiva all at once. Goddess Laxmi should never be worshipped alone.

·  The family's head of household should sweep the house with a broom.

·  Make chapatti and feed it to dogs on the street.

·  Rahu shaanti puja can be performed at home.

·  With the moon in the rohini nakshatra, worship Goddess Laxmi.

·  Meditation is required of the native, as is the avoidance of confrontations.

·  Organize satsangs in your home and invite gurus.

·  The individual should visit temples and pray in a peaceful manner.

·  A silver ball can be worn.

·  Every evening, light a diya.

·  On Tuesday, native should wear a 3-fold ring comprised of silver, copper, and gold.

·  Your mother should be respected and served.

·  On Navmi, Chaturdashi, and Chaturthi, the native shall not perform Laxmi poojan.

·  Sindoor can be kept in a mud pot at home by the locals.

·  At home, the native may keep a shree yantra or a kuber yantra.

·  A vessel full of water may be kept near the native's pillow.


10 powerful ways to avoid angarak yog

·  There are various therapies that can be used to get rid of the Angarak Yog and protect oneself from the detrimental effects of Rahu and Ketu.

·  To get rid of the effect of Mars, the person should fast every Tuesday.

·  Every Tuesday, feed Jiggery to the red cow and pray at the Hanuman Temple.

·  Praying to Shiva's elder son, Kartikeya, has shown to be quite beneficial, therefore feed a peacock to keep him happy.

·  Always welcome visitors into your home and make them feel at ease.

·  Feed the hungry and gift to the impoverished. Also, make sure you feed your dogs on a regular basis.

·  In the temple, recite Rahu's beej mantra as well as Rahu and Ketu.

·  In the evening, light a lamp at home. Its light contributes to the preservation of peace.

·  Every Tuesday, recite the Hanuman mantra 108 times.

·  Participate as much as possible in religious activities and commit yourself to God.


Angarak yoga in different houses

1st House or the Ascendant: Yoga in the first house causes a person to be short-tempered and obstinate. They can be rude, insensitive, and even strict at times.

2nd House: This yoga in the second house has the potential to make a person direct and brutally honest. The native may speak in a loud voice and tell many lies. Fighting with family members and others is a common occurrence that is observed in these folks.

3rd House: If Angarak Yoga occurs in a good Sign in the 3rd House, the native will be a brilliant orator, surgeon, or writer with a fiery approach.

4th House: Angarak yoga in the 4th House can cause family strife and uncomfortable conditions. There will be opportunities to go internationally. The native will continue to have passionate disputes with his or her spouse. Continuous efforts will be made to improve the home and living environment. There will also be issues arising from the presence of children.

5th House: In the 5th House, Angarak yoga can help you thrive in the arts, athletics, and adventure while also providing you with a lot of vitality. Gambling and investing in the stock market are done as a hobby or part-time business.

6th House: Angarak yoga in the 6th house can cause illnesses, workplace disputes, and disagreements with seniors. Traveling may be required as part of the job. The local may engage in small brawls right away.

7th House: Angarak yoga in the 7th house might lead to separation or divorce. You can benefit from land and property, yet it can bring domestic violence and blaming. It is possible to have extramarital affairs with girls from different countries.

8th House: The Angarak Yoga in the 8th House might lead to a series of dreadful battles with in-laws. It can also lead to severe mental anguish and sadness.

9th House: Angarak yoga in the 9th house has the potential to send the local abroad for further education. It may cause disagreements and confrontations with Gurus, instructors, and knowledgeable individuals.

10th House: Angarak yoga in the 10th House can lead to quarrels and disagreements with seniors. When travelling for work, an unpleasant work environment is indicated.

11th House: Angarak yoga in the 11th house could lead to quarrels with friends and older siblings. These individuals may be friendly, but if they don't obtain the desired response, they may become unhappy.

12th House: The native's native may be sent overseas if Angarak yoga is in the 12th house. It may also lead to the purchase of high-end things. There could be significant unanticipated losses. You may be extremely enraged on the inside and suddenly vent your rage on someone.



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