Mercury in 12th house

Mercury in 12th house


Mercury in 12th house For Aries ascendant

Mercury governs the 3rd and 6th houses and resides in the 12th house in Pisces, where it is debilitated, for Aries ascendant. This results in a person with a lot of imagination. There are the greatest writers on the planet. They publish fantasy and science fiction. They like to work in the background, which means they like to be alone in their creative environment. It also indicates that someone is speaking in or from a foreign country.


Mercury in 12th house For Taurus ascendant

Mercury governs the 2nd and 5th houses in Taurus and resides in the 12th house in Aries if the ascendant is Taurus. This makes the individual in the 12th house a very creative person. These individuals have the potential to become good writers. At the same time, since energy is shared between Mars and Mercury, this can make a person a technician, but if other stuff relevant to Author Career work, it is often best for them to choose a career in publishing.


Mercury in 12th house For Gemini ascendant

Mercury governs first and fourth houses in Gemini and resides in the 12th house in Taurus if the ascendant is Gemini. This is an individual who works in the field of finance in a foreign country or for a multinational corporation. It can also be seen as a stock broker. Since Gemini is the symbol of contact, this role will easily lead to a career as an international author.


Mercury in 12th house For Cancer ascendant

Mercury governs the 12th and 3rd houses and remains of 12th house in Gemini if the ascendant is Cancer. This reveals a person who is outgoing and creative in other areas of life. This may also indicate someone who works in international trade and import-export. However, since Mercury also rules the 3rd house of communications, this individual would benefit from a career in creative and imaginative literature. They have the potential to be excellent writers in the areas of spirituality, business, and other worldly matters.


Mercury in 12th house For Leo ascendant

Mercury rules 11th and 2nd houses and remains of the 12th house in Cancer if the ascendant is Leo. The 12th house represents creativity, and Mercury represents contact. As a result, this location will almost always show an author or artist. Their messages are particularly emotional, since Cancer is an emotional sign. They could be writing dramatic or love novels, or they could be serving as emotional counsellors.


Mercury in 12th house For Virgo ascendant

Mercury governs the 10th and 1st houses and resides in the 12th house in Leo if the ascendant is Virgo. Mercury represents communication and skills, Leo represents creativity, and the 12th house represents imagination. As a result, this mixture produces an excellent author. A writer who employs his imagination to express his talent in the field of fiction. Another place where an individual can work in foreign trade and import/export is this one.


Mercury in 12th house For Libra ascendant

If the ascendant is Libra, Mercury rules 9th and 12th houses and is elevated of 12th house in Virgo. This demonstrates a prolific author. This represents someone who is eager to learn more about religion and spirituality. They want to learn about various religions and philosophies around the world, so they can accept information from everywhere. When it comes to spiritual understanding, on the other hand, they become very logical, critical, and perfectionist. This is the distinction between Gemini and Virgo, who all fall in these rooms.


Mercury in 12th house For Scorpio ascendant

Mercury governs 8th and 11th houses and resides of 12th house in Libra if ascendant is Scorpio. This depicts someone who lies in order to communicate about the occult, mystical, and spiritual worlds. They could be forced to flee to a foreign land as a result of an unexpected incident. They have a lot of creativity, which they put to good use in their prose. As a result, you will find certain individuals writing blogs or books on the spiritual or occult world.


Mercury in 12th house For Sagittarius ascendant

Mercury dominates 7th and 10th houses in Sagittarius, and resides in Scorpio's 12th house. There's a Mystic in the building. Mercury is the astrological Karaka, Scorpio is the symbol of the occult, and the 12th house represents the secret gifts. So, this partner is very interested in the paranormal and mysticism and would love to talk about it. They will write books on the occult. Really, as they talk about the occult and other similar topics, their relationship will become stronger.


Mercury in 12th house For Capricorn ascendant

Mercury governs 6th and 9th houses in Capricorn and resides in 12th house in Sagittarius for Capricorn ascendant. Mercury represents wisdom collection and communication/counseling, Sagittarius represents preaching and various religions/philosophies, the 6th house represents challenges, and 12th house represents faith and holy areas. The signs are all there. This person would be very interested in learning about various world religions and philosophies. Later in life, he would preach/communicate and counsel people on how to solve their challenges using the same philosophies.


Mercury in 12th house For Aquarius ascendant

Mercury governs 5th and 8th houses in Aquarius and resides in the 12th house in Capricorn if ascendant is Aquarius. This individual is very creative and communicates with the same creativity, i.e., he can be great author or poet, which gives him authority. This often depicts someone employed as a respected teacher or counsellor in a government institution in another country.


Mercury in 12th house For Pisces ascendant

Mercury governs 4th and 7th houses in Pisces and resides in 12th house in Aquarius if ascendant is Pisces. It depicts someone employed in a foreign country or with a multinational corporation in a position where contact is critical. It also depicts someone with strong artistic abilities who may pursue a career as a writer of books or poetry. This guy may also be a foreign exchange businessman.

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