Mercury in 1st house


Mercury in 1st house For Aries ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Aries and rules 3rd & 6th houses. Native is definitely in the work associated with communications and choosing his hobbies as his career. Native will be straightforward in his communication. Their profession can be in writing, speaking or any creative skill of their interest.


Mercury in 1st house For Taurus ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Taurus and rules 2nd & 5th houses. It definitely shows that native works in a finance related business. Native loves to hoard family assets and wealth. Whenever Venus and Mercury trade their energies, native gets attracted to do a finance related business.


Mercury in 1st house For Gemini ascendant

When Mercury sits in the Gemini ascendant and is the ascendant lord of the same, then native is very communicative by nature. He is filled with ideas and particularly business ideas. He is fun playful, loving, and likes to be amid friends. For him, Life is a celebration. Here, Mercury rules the 4th house too through Virgo sign. Person molds his personality and makes it like his mother. Native likes to trade in real estate, but for this to happen it’s important that it gets the benefit from Mars’ (karaka of real estate) position.


Mercury in 1st house For Cancer ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Cancer and rules 12th & 3rd houses. This exhibits two conditions, prominent one, native becomes an author as Mercury is communication skills and 12th house is imagination. Mercury also rules 3rd house of written communications. Since Mercury is in Cancer, it exhibits someone would write romantic and emotional stories. Otherwise, this exhibits someone in import/export business or foreign business. Communication skill is the highlight of their personality.


Mercury in 1st house For Leo ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Leo and rules 11th & 2nd houses. This exhibits someone who makes his earning from communications and business as Gemini and Mercury represents these things in general. They are highly chatty people. As Leo is sign of media and creativity, they can be authors and writers for dramas, plays and movies. This once again shows profits from self efforts and siblings. These positions can essentially give lots of profits since Mercury rules the 11th house of gains both and 2nd house of wealth.


 Mercury in 1st house For Virgo ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Virgo, where it is exalted and rules 10th & 1st houses. This exhibits a person whose work environment is related to communications. Communications are going to be prominent part of their work. They can also be Entrepreneurs. They are perfectionist and very detailed oriented at work. They reach high position in career, especially in corporate. Occasionally, they are very intelligent and even cunning with the way they write or speak. They can also be in accounting or analysis related work.


Mercury in 1st house For Libra ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Libra and rules 9th & 12th houses. Native will be into reading and gathering all the information linked to higher studies, religion, philosophy etc since Mercury is all about gathering information. Next, Mercury takes all that information to 1st house, which means that now you will speak about the same information to others. Consequently, this position makes marvelous teachers, counselors and preachers in field of religion and higher education. They are lovely speakers.


Mercury in 1st house For Scorpio ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Scorpio and rules 8th & 11th houses. This person may become occultist or in particular an astrologer. Scorpio is sign of occult, Mercury is karaka of astrology and 8th house is house of occult. So, native is very much an astrologer. He can keep tremendous amount of knowledge in his brain and got some amazing decision making powers. The fundamental difference here is that in all distinct scenarios of this placement, native is dealing with plenty secrets and keeping it to himself. Here, native will speak those secrets to world, like what an Astrologer does. It is excellent position for being an occultist.


Mercury in 1st house For Sagittarius ascendant

Here, Mercury will be sitting In the 1st house in Sagittarius and ruling the 7th and 10th house. This exhibits a very chatty spouse. Spouse knows a lot about philosophies, religions and different cultures etc. Spouse possesses higher wisdom which will be now brought to the native. Since Mercury is naturally a conversationalist, this position is excellent for being a professor, since Sagittarius is sign of higher learning. Therefore, native can effortlessly teach others through his higher acquaintance. Native may be a hungry reader and loves to travel.


Mercury in 1st house For Capricorn ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Capricorn and rules 6th & 9th houses. This exhibits someone who is advertising about the 6th house matters but this is a superior place as Mercury is in affable sign. So, native has better chances of attaining success at their work. Natives usually communicate with authorities, thus they may be attorneys who deal with government or activists. Therefore, it is approximately same work but with additional success.


Mercury in 1st house For Aquarius ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Aquarius and rules 5th & 8th houses. Native will be highly communicative. They may work as a teacher or in a big institute that requires good communication. They research a lot and may use that for the common good, which may lead them to become scientists. They possess very high intellect.


Mercury in 1st house For Pisces ascendant

Here, Mercury sits in the 1st house in Pisces, where it is debilitated and rules the 4th & 7th houses. Native is highly creative and philosophical with his thoughts and mother shapes him that way. Natives can be writers in fictional, spiritual field. Here, native’s communication with mother may suffer, may be they are not understanding mother’s view or vice versa.

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