Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius

Saturn also rules the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Those born with Mercury in Aquarius have a tendency to boast a lot and fly too close to the Sun due to the airy quality, whereas those with Mercury in Capricorn are grounded and practical. A lot is contained in their mind, words unspoken, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Their mind is busy, continuously working, occupied by a lot of bad thoughts too. However, they have creative, unique, and occasionally abstract thoughts. Despite being emotionally indifferent, they are still sensitive to the suffering of others. They are kind and modest, always willing to lend a hand to those in need. In fact, they frequently bear the weight of other people's difficulties.

They tend to partake in a lot of social service too, without attaching themselves emotionally. They make decisions based more on careful scientific study than on passion and emotions. They also possess strong intuition, which makes it simple for them to assess the morals of others. These indigenous firmly respect the principle of equality and justice. They always play fair in life. They are quite accommodating by nature. They are constantly receptive to new ideas and are quite humorous too thus keep the environment light and bright.


Traits of Personality for Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius has an eccentric personality. Because of their unconventional behaviour, Aquarians can come off as strange or quirky to others. Mercury in Aquarius, on the other hand, lives on the notion that he is distinctive. They virtually offer their argument as a formal one. They are certain that their point of view is right. And they won't stop until everyone else has a change of heart.

Mercury is a special planet that stands for communication, inference, reason, and intelligence. As far as we know, Mercury in Aquarius is not capable of doing any of those tasks in the traditional sense.

When learning something new, most people prefer to go it alone and conduct their own independent study on the topic, depending on resources they believe to be trustworthy. Their disposition suggests that they desire the freedom to create their own schedules and avoid depending on others to learn new things. They risk being misunderstood by others. They perform better on their own, though. People born under the sign of Aquarius Mercury may come out as a little unorganised when it comes to organising their lives in general. Natives have a system in the place, though.


Positive Traits of Mercury in Aquarius 

Nothing is taken lightly by them, and neither should anything. They are continually exploring for strategies to increase their field of knowledge. Additionally, they like the sport of argumentation. Additionally, they enjoy competing with an "opponent" who bolsters their communication skills.

Every time you have a discussion, you always learn something new to add to your body of knowledge. The material they offer is comprehensive and covers a wide range of subjects. They constantly contribute a fresh viewpoint to the conversation. Regarding originality, it’s impossible to compare them to anyone else in the industry. And it's their particular attention to detail that creates a unique experience.

As a consequence of their high degree of intellect, they are also incredibly entertaining. Weird jokes and strange circumstances are among their favourite things. They believe that anything that deviates from the established norm is acceptable. In other words, they are quite accepting of those who are not like them.


Negative Traits of Mercury in Aquarius 

Mercury in Aquarius people retain a lot of the information they were given in school. But their attention is taken off the routine tasks of the day-to-day job, and they start to think more creatively. Most of the time, their intellectual interests come before their professional obligations. There are many situations in which this is tied to technical progress or environmental betterment on an individual or global scale. Their feeling of purpose is frequently connected to the advancement of humanity.

They don’t believe in being emotionally involved as they rely so much on logic to figure things out and transmit their point of view to others, and they think that emotions are unhealthy. Whatever happens after that is, in their eyes, a total waste of time. As a result, they may occasionally be misconstrued by the general population.


Effect of Mercury in Aquarius for love and relationship

You are encouraged to start dating if Mercury is in Aries. You haven't let love into your head and emotions for a time. It's time to get past the past and start looking for someone new to fill your heart.


Effect of Mercury in Aquarius on Career

When it comes to your ideas, ambitions, and dreams, you are aggressive. You constantly want to be correct, yet this cannot always be the case. You learn how to be receptive to other people's viewpoints and put their ideas to good use from your natal Mercury in Aries.

Mercury in Aries personality remains focused on their goals no matter the hurdles they confront. You are willing to make the kind of sacrifices that will help you advance in life. Follow your passions and make advantage of them to improve your life.



Because the Aries Mercury individuals are so clever, they frequently think their method is the right one. And, they will tell you so. And since they are so upfront and honest about everything, they don’t comprehend when others don’t see the same things they see. They see it as an opportunity to create something exciting and novel. And they want to get everyone else interested in their vision.

And Mercury in Aries frequently convinces others to agree with their point of view because of their contagious attitude. As long as their logic is good, which it generally is, they are able to pull off some wonderful and captivating moments. These bring joy and excitement into the lives of everyone around them. They are prepared to shine because to their clear outlook on life.


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