Money Plant and Benefits

Money Plant Significance and Benefits

Money plants are the most frequent indoor plant for vastu, and they may be found in both the office and the home.

Epipremnumaureum is the scientific name for this plant, which is also known as the devil's ivy and golden pothos in various parts of the world. However, the most popular term for it is the money plant, since its growth has been linked to acquiring money.

When most of us were kids, we imagined a plant with money instead of leaves when we heard the term "money plant."

Of course, it is impossible to grow money on plants, and the plant's name is derived from the fact that its leaves are plumy and spherical, resembling coins.


Money Plant Benefits

Attracting Wealth

The money plant is directly linked to the production of riches. This, according to Vastu Shastra, wards off bad energy and creates space for positivity, allowing money to pour in. It can also assist in the creation of various income streams. A money plant in the house can therefore attract riches, alleviate financial restraints, and confer prosperity and good fortune on its inhabitants.


Reducing Stress

Its advantages aren't limited to money; they can even extend to our health. The vastu money plant, when put at a sharp corner, may help individuals face anxiety and tension with poise and stay calm and unaffected.


Absorbing Radiations

The money plant is said to be able to absorb radiation from electrical devices that might be detrimental to human health. As a result, it is recommended, particularly by Feng Shui experts, that a money plant be placed near frequently used gadgets such as the computer, television, WiFi router, and so on, to counteract their negative effects.


Ideal money plant directions as per vastu

In vastu, placement according to direction is crucial, and the money plant is no exception.

As a result, selecting the proper planting orientation requires extreme caution. The positive energies may be directed correctly with suitable location.

Because each direction represents a unique set of characteristics, let's look at how a money plant should be placed in each of them from the standpoint of vastu shastra.


Money plant in South East Direction

South, according to vastu scholars, is the direction of goddess Lakshmi, who bestows wealth and prosperity upon us.

As a result, it is the best orientation for growing a money plant. Venus, the planet of beauty and appearances, also rules the South.

As a result, the money plant will provide you with elements of aesthesis as well as riches. Furthermore, the word "south" connotes "famous" and "recognition."

As a result, it will enhance your financial situation as well as your reputation. Even while the south is unquestionably the greatest direction for money plants in terms of vastu, avoid planting it in the south-west corner, since it may give you problems. To get the most out of it, put it on the southeast corner.


Money Plant in North Direction

Because Kuber, deity of riches, rules north, this is an auspicious direction for growing money plant.This guarantees that you thrive in your profession and business.It is crucial to remember, however, that in order to reap benefits of the money plant, you must put it in a blue bottle or vase.Also, avoid using a red or yellow bottle/vase because it will make it more difficult to acquire money.


Money Plant in East Direction

Money plants can also be planted in an easterly orientation. It's especially useful for those whose job or business requires them to mingle and engage with others.

This placement will assist you in broadening your social circle and establishing relationships with prominent individuals in your community.


Money plant in West Direction

Growing a money plant in the west is not as successful as planting it in the east.

If you don't have any other options, grow your money plant in a blue water bottle.

Make sure that the vines do not grow in such a way that their leaves end up on the floor, regardless of the recommended orientation.Instead, use ropes/threads or climbers to encourage the plant to grow vertically.


Placement of money plant in the house

The benefits of having a money plant in the house are numerous. It may be successfully grown in a variety of locations. Let's have a look at what happens when you put a money plant in different parts of the house:


Money Plant in Bedroom

If you want to add some green accents to your bedroom, money plants are a great alternative. Simply consider the bedroom's orientation and position the plant accordingly. It provides the following advantages to the occupants:

1.   Money plants are useful for reducing stress and calming the mind.

2.   It is an excellent choice for those who suffer from hypertension and insomnia.

If your bedroom faces north, south, south-east, or east, consider planting a money plant.If it is in the west or south west corner, however, see a vastu specialist for further information.Avoid putting the plant too close to the edge of the bed. Maintain a distance of at least 5 feet between them.

This distance ensures that the plant's carbon dioxide emissions (which occur exclusively at night) do not disrupt your sleep pattern.If your bedroom has an air conditioner, take extra precautions. For a couple of hours, mist it out periodically.Also, expose it to indirect sunlight for a few hours each day.


Money plant in Kitchen

A small money plant seedling in the kitchen might be very helpful to you. However, you must take the proper orientation for the same much more carefully than the location in the bedroom.

Because the kitchen already has a vital element, the fire and plant, which, along with earth, water, and air, signifies life.

As a result, it's critical that these ingredients are balanced and cared for properly. It can help counteract the bad energy that comes from the gas burner in the kitchen if done correctly.


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