Moonga Stone

Moonga Stone

Moonga Stone is one of the most valuable and well-known gemstones in astrology. Praval or red coral gemstone is another name for it. It is a sign of change, peace, and harmony. The brilliant red coral gemstone is an organic gemstone created by living organisms deep in the water by coral polyps or Corallium Rubrum marine animals.


The Appearance of Moonga stone

The coral gemstone was originally white, but due to natural processes, it has become red. It comes in a variety of solid hues, including pink, black, pale orange, yellow, and brilliant red. People would be easily attracted to these hues once they start wearing them. It features a cute cutting shape that looks great on your fingers.

It is boring by nature, yet it has a lovely look that makes it more appealing. To get a shiny and smooth texture, it must be polished. The highest-grade gemstone is red coral, which has a solid hue with no dark spots, stains, inclusions, or smudging. This is the one that most people like to utilize.


Storing and caring of Red Coral gemstone

Coral, like Pearlstone, is a naturally occurring soft stone that is highly beautiful. It has a lovely appearance and a lustrous feel. Because of its delicate nature, it is easily damaged or scraped. To keep these stones from scratching, just position them in an out-of-the-way location where children will not be able to access them.

Use a display box or gem drawers to keep the red coral gemstones safe. It'll keep the stones secure within. However, do not store both soft and hard stones in the same drawer since the soft stones may be harmed by the hard stones.


Moonga stone benefits in astrology

Before wearing the Moonga stone, one should always contact an astrologer. Only wear it if he recommends it; else, you'll have to deal with the negative effects. We all know that the coral stone is the gemstone of planet Mars, which possesses explosive and tumultuous force, according to astrology.

It boosts people's bravery and confidence while also assisting them in overcoming challenges in their life. It gives the user positive energy, allowing them to effortlessly attain their aim or goal. It is also beneficial to one's physical health since it treats illnesses of the bone marrow, lymph nodes, and other organs.


Moonga stone advantages and moonga stone benefits

We are all aware that red coral gemstone is valuable gift from sea to humanity. It's incredibly valuable to us. Because of its solid colour and lovely texture, it is very appealing gemstone. Aside from that, it offers lot of advantages and benefits.

And now we'll discuss advantages and impacts of this strong stone in our daily life -

  1. Through absorption of red hue from spectrum of light, this opaque gemstone is very beneficial for all persons to emit their intense emotions. It represents your vitality, bravery, self-assurance, and desires.
  2. The stone aids individuals in gaining physical strength and overcoming any challenges that may arise in their life. Accidents, cuts, wounds, procedures, and surgeries are all protected by it. It also safeguards a lady from harm.
  3. If the red coral stone is a natural gemstone, the outcome will be favorable. It provides a good atmosphere in which you may thrive.
  4. These stones increase the fascination power of children, allowing them to concentrate more on their ambitions or objectives. It also alters people's perspectives and improves leadership abilities.
  5. There are many persons who are afflicted with various illnesses. They should certainly make advantage of this coral stone, since it is quite beneficial to them. You may eradicate any blood-related issues by holding these stones. This gemstone is beneficial for epilepsy and jaundice sufferers, as well as heart disease sufferers.
  6. Coral gemstones are often used to create a variety of jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings, in addition to rings. Women frequently purchase these items in order to maintain a beautiful appearance and a rich lifestyle.
  7. The red coral, according to many Indian astrologers, signifies the "Mangalaya Balam", which means marital capacity. In other words, the stone is the best assistance for those who are looking for their life mates and are having difficulty finding them. Marriages last longer as a result of it. It gives the user a certain zest and vigour, and this notion is in line with this concept.It works well for couples since it gives them a new, fresh, and romantic relationship. The gemstone has unique therapeutic properties. It aids in the improvement of a wearer's physical as well as emotional wellness. It emits cosmic yellow energy, which, as we all know, fixes all of a native's bodily and mental issues. Depression and overthinking can be overcome by the wearer. It brings mental tranquillity to the wearer.

So, these are the benefits of moonga stones, which will be quite beneficial to us in our daily lives.


Moonga stone price

Despite the fact that red coral is a valuable gemstone, its price varies depending on its quality, colour transparency, and polishing. The clarity, weight, cut, and form of the stone all have a role. According to these characteristics, the market price range for a carat is between Rs 500 and Rs 1500.

As we all know, these sorts of one-of-a-kind gemstones are extremely uncommon, thus the price is fairly expensive, and it is consequently in high demand in India as well as other nations. You may purchase these stones according to your budget and personalize them according to your preferences and needs.


How to activate Moonga stone

You only need to purify and activate this strong stone after purchasing it for improved results. Simply soak the stone or ring in cow's milk, gangajal, or fresh rose water for almost 10 to 20 minutes before wearing it. It aids in the removal of all negativity. After that, you should pray to God for blessings using a mantra. It's now completely cleansed and ready to wear.

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