Moonstone is an opalescent stone that is also known as Chandrakaantha Mani. Feldspar is the chemical name for this mineral. They can be orthoclase or albeit, one of the two kinds of feldspar. Sodium aluminium silicate or potassium aluminium silicate can be used. Moonstones are semi-precious stones that come in a variety of colours (Uparatna). They are milky-white stones that are soft.

Moonstone is a member of the feldspar family. It's one of the most recently found semi-precious stones. It is well recognised for providing calming energy, as well as bringing tranquilly, peace, and balance to one's life. The moonstone is the birthstone of Cancer and is ruled by the planet Moon. The gem may be found all over the world, but the highest quality can be found in the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Sri Lanka.

Moonstone is significant for those whose birth chart includes the planet Moon in the malefic state, because the planet Moon in Vedic astrology represents a person's qualities, behaviour, emotions, and personal requirements. It aids in the treatment of restlessness, insecurity, sadness, and other symptoms brought on by the Moon's negative effects.

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The mineral feldspar is mostly produced in Sri Lanka and Australia. Moonstones come from Sri Lanka and India, according to astrology. Sri Lanka produces the finest and purest Moonstones. These stones exhibit adularescence, or colour play, which gives the impression of shining from the inside out. The fact that it glows from the inside out has always attracted people.

It was formed from the rays of the moonlight, according to Hindu mythology. It displays the genuine personality of the person who wears it. Moonstone's ruler is the Moon God, who manifests his characteristics. Fears, restlessness, and illogical ideas are all malefic characters on the Moon, as they are on every planet. Wear a Moonstone to gain the Moon's beneficial qualities, such as tranquilly and emotional equilibrium. It provides the much-needed “higher quality” energy for a new beginning.


Benefits of Moonstone

  1. The "Travelers' Stone" is the name given to this stone. This is because it is said to shield visitors from unforeseen hazards and safeguard them from losing money. Moonstone also safeguards the user from mishaps. It can ensure the safety of its wearers when travelling, regardless of their resources. It doesn't matter if you're on land, at sea, or in the air.
  2. Moonstone is supposed to offer good luck to those who wear it. The individual will make enormous gains while avoiding any big losses in his career.
  3. Those in the medical field can wear moonstone since it evokes empathy and a desire to help their patients or clients.
  4. Moonstone is also known as the Lover's Stone. It brings forth your natural compassion, gentleness, and patience.
  5. It preserves spiritual character by its calming effect, making meditation simpler.


Medical Benefits

  1. Moonstone can be utilised by women to help them control their menstruation difficulties, PMS symptoms, and hormone balance. Its nature is Yin (feminine). As a consequence, it may help to reduce labour discomfort.
  2. Just though it has a naturally feminine aspect, it doesn't imply males can't utilise it. It can help to minimise needless rage and violence due to its Yin character. It will also encourage children to express their emotions.
  3. It is recognised for its therapeutic powers, and individuals with certain ailments are encouraged to wear it. Moonstone is the most effective remedy for stomach, liver, and pancreatic problems. It has the potential to enhance the hormonal cycle. Moonstone can assist with indigestion since it controls the digestive tract. Other medicinal advantages include nasal bleed prevention and spinal cord alignment.
  4. Insomniacs or anybody with sleep issues might benefit from wearing moonstone. Keeping one beneath one's pillow might help to regulate a person's sleep cycle.
  5. It improves the wearer's psychic skills, self-expression, and intuition. The pineal gland and the middle chakras are widened to achieve this.


Mental Benefits

  1. Moonstone improves the wearer's self-esteem and confidence. It also enhances intuition and creativity. Moonstone, like its king, encourages self-motivation.
  2. It relieves tension and relaxes the person who is wearing it. As a consequence, the person is free of negativity. Hence, it promotes good energy. The cold reverberations you will feel when you lay your hands on your eyes will demonstrate this.


Correct Way to Wear Moonstone

It should always be obtained following a consultation with a competent astrologer. You must sing the Moon God's mantras after being administered by an astrologer. It has to be set in a silver ring.Place the ring in pure, unboiled cow's milk for around eight hours after it's been prepared. Then you must seek Chandradeva's blessings by praying to him. Swirl it eleven times with an Agarbatthi or Oodhuvathi. It's now ready to put on.

On Mondays, however, it should be worn in pinky finger. Shukla Paksha Mondays are regarded to be best option. Wear it between the hours of 4 a.m. and 7 a.m.Its benefits might be felt as early as fifth day after you start using it. The effects will endure for two years, after which the ring's stone will need to be replaced.



In Hindu Astrology, the Moonstone is a moderate Ratna. It is a wonderful stone for everyone to wear. However, consulting an astrologer is usually a good idea.

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